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  1. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Hi Strob! The Vosilob asset uses surface tension based on curvature decimation, so you compute the curvature and gradient of your surface field and use the two fields to push and pull in convex and concave zones, so the particle field tends to form drops and shape in nice forms. I'm using a different approach to this, I combine the curvature decimation technique with more additional custom forces and PBD based approach; So you got nice drops, tendrils, uniform distribution, and more volume conservation control; About a "fill hole" approach, I don't use a direct particle filling method mainly because of the volume gain, it woks in some scenarios but in some is not so practical, also all the particle field tends to grow and shape in a very thicker way; So for the hole filling problem I'm using a field based approach with some force, frame and pressure conditionals to control the volume gain and thickness, but this is still WIP, I'm just developing this at free time. I hope this helps! Alejandro microTension_v1.5.avi
  2. Hi, Look at this post! http://forums.odforce.net/topic/23004-mask-surface-tension/ Hope that helps! Cheers!
  3. Hi!! Here is my last research about small scale sims with the FLIP/PIC method, I hope you like it! Thank You!!
  4. Hola Arturo! La implementacion mas basica de tension superficial es calcular la curvatura de la superficie del fluido (en el caso de FLIP, el "surface field") para luego usarla como factor de desplazamiento usando el gradiente (normal) de la superficie del fluido. As que si la curvatura es negativa (concava) la fuerza se ejercera hacia afuera, y si es positiva (convexa) la fuerza se ejercera hacia adentro, de esta forma a medida que el sistema avanze frame a frame todo intentara forjarse de forma esferica debido a la decimacion por curvatura, dando como resultado el efecto deseado. Saludos!
  5. Scatter Points Interpolation

    Nice approach tjeeds! This one is with a bit of mod to give a more interesting movement with a fake momentum! Its better that you use the texture delta approach and gradient computation in conjunction with a smoke solver, this way you can ensure that the system removes the divergence to give an even better momentum. Cheers interp_tex_vortx.hip
  6. The Wave breakdown

    Truly Amazing Job! Congratulations!
  7. Houdini, Algorithms and Python

    Very Nice Manuel!!! Thanks for the example file!! Cheers!
  8. Hey Octavio! It doesnt work because you need to turn resample on always when there is a combine operation between two level set with different xform or different voxel size, so you have to resample one of the two for the aligment to take place. Saludos! crown_2_43_023_SEND_Forum.hiplc
  9. Dynamic Surface Emission | FLIP

    Thank You!!
  10. 2015 FX Animation Houdini Reel

    Very Nice!! Congratulations Javier!!
  11. mask surface tension

    Look at this modified version; My surface Tension asset supports particle and field approach, and you can use an attribute as a mask. For high particle counts (Large Scale sims) use the field based approach instead. Hope that helps. surfaceTensionMask_dv.hipnc
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pm4fQRl72k
  13. Random link of interest

    A Pirates Story http://thisisnotwhatwesignedupfor.blogspot.de/2015/05/ilion-caught-cheating-on-software.html
  14. Packed Primative RBD Activate Based on Force or Impact?

    Here is a working version!! Cheers! H14_dyn_active_rbd_multi_solve_help_working.hip
  15. If you work in a pipeline, its all about like Kraftwerk says!! "We Are The Robots".....
  16. New Bifrost features which seem very powerful

    About the "graph-step adaptivity", we can do a sort of things in Houdini also, you can do pretty nice things with this gas microsolvers combo (gas intermittent solve, gas repeat solver, gas each data solver). But I really hope that SESI looks for a better voxel storage system in DOPs, just VDB to beging with, then look for adaptivity. Nice results with the surface tension model Adrian!! It has a "fill holes trick"? or its pure force approach? Thanks!
  17. New Bifrost features which seem very powerful

    Yes thats totally possible with FLIP, I got some nice results with my Tension tool, and its very funny because its a very simple setup, but gives the SPH behavior to FLIP, I use a PBD approach to that, and because of that, I dont need extra substeps to have a stable sim like in SPH, just some interations to compensate int/ext pressures but with positions not forces. The miss feature right now its a correct surface tension implementation to have those nice sheets without "fill holes" tricks, the curvature only decimation that most softwares uses to mimic the real surface tension its not enough.
  18. New Bifrost features which seem very powerful

    About the whitewater LOD, thats totally possible inside Houdini, You can sample a distance from camera and use as a factor for a replicator for the whitewater emission, also if you want you can use the same setup with a point procedural as a post process for replication at rendertime. All its possible inside Houdini, but I really hope that SESI, give us some love for the SPH and some forgiven solvers.
  19. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Awesome as always Pavel!! Thanks for the *.hip!!
  20. Shape point group?

    Or if(@P != @rest) @group_moved = 1;
  21. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Wow Rayman what a nice explanation!! Thank You!!!
  22. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Here is another test (extreme one with nice tendrils and thick borders), but this time with all the Tension assets plus the Rayman's filler technique (I have found a raw way to control the volume gain, but I need first to better dig deep into the Rayman's technique). Thank you so much for this Rayman, my old filler technique was field based, so it was the only stage in my tension tools that was not particle based, so it was a bit slow and resolution dependent. Cheers!
  23. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Hi Rayman!! Nicely done!! Here is a screenShot of my Tension asset working in conjunction with your nice technique, It works very nice!! Thanks for sharing this technique!! Cheers!
  24. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Hi!! I'm reimplementing this on H14 right now, because of some nice new and very fast tools, like the new scatter sop, the new grain solver, etc. So no news about Orbolt, sorry for that, this is also a personal project (learning, R&D), not a commercial one, so I dont spend so much time on this. Thank you!!