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  1. Houdini procedural tree generator

    Thank you very much for the example file! Awesome Setup!!
  2. One thing I recommend you to look at is to skin sim particles this way: vdb from particle fluid or vdb from points -> vdb reshape (dialate) -> smooth vdbs -> vdb reshape (erode) When you need to smooth the sdf result from apoint conversion, no matter if is with the new particle surface or the point one, always "dilate, smooth, erode", this way you can smooth out and preserve finer details without crunching out the drops and small details. I always stay away from the new black box particle surface, I like more the initial conversion with vdb from points more, then I use all the vdb pipeline power.
  3. Gradient Des

    Wow Petz!! Nice technique!! But why this vector? (-@N.z, 0, @N.x), I mean were did you find this nice vector shuffle to help derive the gradient with N? Thank you!! --Edit-- Ahh ok, I get it!! Its the result of a cross between N and an up vector like (0, 1, 0). Sorry for the dumb question!!
  4. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Hi!! I have made some vimeo posts for the anatomy of the tool. I hope to finish this some day! Hope you like it! Thank you and Happy New Year!!
  5. Martin Matzeder :: Reel 2014

    Very Nice Work Martin!!!
  6. You know you're a true Houdnik...

    When you write a cooking recipe with nodes.
  7. Houdini 14 Sneak Peek

    At last animation editor overhauled (with CHOP integration )!!
  8. Its just Amazing!! At last!!
  9. vex in sop context

    Hi!! The problem its that you are not using an attribute just a temp float value. f@mulla; import("hittime",f@mulla,0); addvariablename("mulla", "MADA"); Cheers!
  10. What if...

    HDK! Please
  11. Soft Toy VDBs

    Very nice work!! Congratulations!!
  12. Hi Doug! Its a multi example file, it contains a few methods to compute rotations, so one torque in one specific axis in the case of "poptorque__z_axis", a random one in "poptorque__rand", and setting up a random up optional vector to use with the initial random rotation in the case of "poplookat__initial_orientation".
  13. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    Thanks for the info Edward! About the select all keys, yes! Ctrl+A like in viewport with objects. About speed, I have some scenes that read some tracking data with very dense curves (H13.0.509), I'll upload the hips then!
  14. Hi! Hope that this file helps you, you can bypass the up vector computation if you want! Cheers! randPOPsRotation.hip
  15. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    - Ability to "select all" keys in the channel editor. - Faster visualization of huge number of channels-curves in channel editor. - Ability to mute/unmute curves ala Maya in channel editor. - Full VDB support in DOPs (sometimes one need to convert to native volume primitive). - Native Python wranglers in all context. - COP, CHOP wranglers. - SHOP wrangler at material level.
  16. finite element initial velocity

    Hi Graham! You can compute velocity and angular velocity with trail sop for example, and use it as initial velocities or create your own custom velocities. Hope that helps! initial_velocity.hip
  17. sweep thickness and twist

    The nice thing about the sweep sop, its that it can evaluate per point attributes so you can use in this case the point number and the total number of points to use it as lookup for a ramp, to then control some native parameters of the node.
  18. sweep thickness and twist

    Hi, hope that the file can help you! I make a mistake, here is the correction, sorry!! Cheers! sweep_ramp_controls.hip
  19. Rendering Pyro

    Did you scaled the camera? It looks like thats the problem.
  20. Help with specific liquid behaviour.

    This kind of effects are currently mot posible with the default tools, you need to implement a correct surface tension model to obtain this behavior, also if you use FLIP you need to inject a cohesion and repel force to manage the particle packing problem, because the reseeding its not enough to resolve this problem.
  21. SubTunnel

    Thank you!!