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  1. Fabric Engine Splice Performance

    Thanks for the great news Paul, It'll very nice to participate in the closed beta!!
  2. 2014 Houdini Demo Reel

    Congratulations!! Very Nice Work!!
  3. Flipping animation!

    Very nice solution!!
  4. Additive Transparency

    You need to use a constant color value for the opacity say for example 0.1, but don't premultiply the difuse or constant color with it. Look at the example file! Cheers! additiveOpacity.hip
  5. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Hola Carlos!! Que bueno tener un Colombiano en el foro! Gracias por los comentarios!! Entiendo el cambio que implica la migracion a un paquete como Houdini, ya que es un software que no se aprende en 6 meses ni un anho como los "Jefes" creen que es!! Pero adelante compadre si necesitas algo no dudes en contactarme yo te coloaboro en lo que nbecesites, mientras mas usuarios de esta grandioza aplicacion existan en el pais mejor!!; Lo que mas me intereza a mi es que aqui en el pais por fin cambien un poco el esquema y el modus operandi del medio audiovizual que esta cada vez mas destruido por culpa de tanto explotador. En cuanto al asset, desafortunadamente no esta full desarrolado, asi que usarlo es muy dificil pero efectivo, lo otro, esque no planeo venderlo, ya que por ahora es un efecto que muy pocas empresas manejan inHouse, es ya cuestion de negocios. Saludes.
  6. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Finally I almost done with the development of my custom asset that tries to solve the water sheets and tendrils in a FLIP/PIC sim, at last I've found a method to control the volume gain and break the fluid sheets without deleting particles, even retime effects are possible!!!; Here are some test with some parameter variation, hope you like it. IMG.rar
  7. Adding new objects to a FLIP initial state

    Actually you can use a standard sim frame to do that, no need to use the .sim format with initial state. Simply save your initial frame from the standard workflow, and from the FLIP object fetch that frame as a sop input. Cheers!
  8. Hi! Sorry for the double post but in SESI forums there is not response from anyone Has someone an example of how I can get variance antialiasing when import a variable with gather?, for example ray:length. I've tried do that this way, and it does not work with variance antialiasing but standard sampling from gather : //compute transmission vector $Nf = frontface(N,I); fresnel(normalize(I),$Nf,1/$ior,kr,$kt,R,$Tr); //temp variables float raylength; vector surfacecolor; //gather loop gather(P,$Tr,"samples",$attSamples, "bias",$bias, "maxdist",$maxDistance, "angle",radians(60), "samplebase",1, "variancevar","ray:length", "ray:length",raylength) { raylength += 0; } else { raylength = $densityAttenuation; } raylength /= max($attSamples,1); raylength = fit(raylength,0,$densityAttenuation,1,0); $katt = pow(raylength,$attExponent);
  9. You can use: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/vex/functions/addattribute.
  10. Reel 2013

    Hi, Here is my new reel, hope you like it!! Cheers!!
  11. Reel 2013

    Gracias!! Si lastimosamente aqui en Colombia los tiempos son extremadamente estrechos, todo lo quieren ya!!
  12. Reel 2013

    Thank You!!
  13. Reel 2013

    Hola Arturo!! La verdad eso me toco hacerlo aqui donde trabajo; Me dieron como 2 dias para el projecto (aqui los tiempos son extremadamente apretados), yo creo que como freelance cobraria por hay 1500 US en ese tiempo de entrega. Saludos
  14. Peter Claes Showreel 2014

    Amazing Work Peter!!
  15. FXPHD April Term Two Houdini Courses

    Hail to Andrew Lowell, Nice to see another course from the Master!!!
  16. Reel 2013

    Thank you mingxing!! About the method, unfortunately I have a huge volume gain with that technique. I've sampled the pressure field to find the particle clustering zones and holes, then I close those zones and seed some particles in, it works pretty nice, but there is a uncontrolled volume gain. I think the best method is to create a correct surface tension model like some 2013 siggraph papers, but for FLIP.
  17. Reel 2013

    Thank you Joaquim!!! Thanks for the tip Ryan!!
  18. Reel 2013

    Thank you Ryan!! I don't know why it doesn't shows the vimeo link correctly.
  19. Aloe Vera Final

    Awesome Work!!!
  20. Night Hawks by Edward Hopper

    Thank you Ben!! Really helpful!!
  21. I use point Wrangle node every time I can, but I've noticed that if you use ramps or so much reference to spare parameters it slows down in comparison with a vopsop, for example if you want to colorize particles from a FLIP sim based on speed with a ramp the Point Wrangle node takes more time to cook than a vopsop, I've tested this in H12.5; The Attrib Wrangle node is way more slow to do this kind of things also, but if you don't use spare parameters seems to be much faster. Just my two cents!!!
  22. Aloe Vera

    Awesome Work!!!
  23. Houdini 13 Sneak Peek #3

    The FEA awakening will begin tomorrow!!! At noon when the seven horsemen appears and cut everyone's head!!!
  24. Velocity from curve tool

    Yes, a volume approach is faster even without VDB; I've modeled custom forces with a pure volume approach for this video: https://vimeo.com/60124045 Here is the non-vdb asset: sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=21558 (SOP_aeb_pathfollow_fields.otl)