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  1. 5 hours ago, moneitor said:

    Brutal viejo alejo, yo tengo ganas de hacer un ripple parecido para deformaciones de metal a gran escala, pero seguramente lo hare como un postproceso.

    Gracias viejo Hernan! Para eso hay una muy buena referencia, y podrias hacerlo si quieres de esta forma, el problema esque necesitarias tets (seria deformarlos de cierta forma para asi enganhar el tool ya que no salen directamente de FEM) y lastimosamente es una pesadilla en cierta geometria, pero creo que vale la pena pillarlo! Aqui te dejo un link:




  2. 27 minutes ago, HowardM said:

    Thanks everyone, cool stuff!  Great shading on your last render Pazuzu!  Mind checking your messages?  Cheers!


    Hey Howard! Sorry about that! Here is the scene, I polyreduced a bit one of the frames of the sim to have a less heavy file to share!

    By the way, that mesh still has a freeSurface attribute; So you can use that gradient for nice shading effects.

    I forgot to say that this scene uses Redshift. v2.6.32; H17.459.




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  3. 6 minutes ago, moneitor said:

    Hey man, great job, are those micro ripples in the simulation itself, or you are exporting attributes to drive them in the meshing stage?

    Hablame en espanhol viejo Hernan, por lo menos pa que practique!! :)

    Estoy usando el gradiente del atributo que genero dentro de la simulacion para detectar el FreeSurface; Los MircroRipples en este preview son calculados en simulacion, pero a veces no se contrastan lo suficiente asi que los contrasto a nivel de mesh tambien para que se noten mas aun, ya que al rasterizar las particulas se pierden si no se usa una resulucion muy alta, por ende opte tambien en tener una solucion que no necesite resoluciones muy altas para hacerlos mas notorios.

    En este preview podes notarlos directamente en las particulas!


    /,,/ /,,/


  4. 6 minutes ago, Atom said:

    Nice work, does this make use of the new H17 retime node?

    Thanks Atom!

    For this retime I used an old tool that I developed years ago to do almost the same as the new retime tool, the main differences are the nice interpolation options for attributes that the new H17 one has, mine just have linear as interpolation option, so I'll migrate very soon to that one.


  5. Here is another test using a last iteration of my tools to do small scale stuff. This time, now is possible to art direct how much do you want to break a sheet into drops and tendrils, and there are some Micro Ripples on the sheets that are relative to the fluid speed and curvature at some portions of the main fluid body!


    Thank you!


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  6. 2 hours ago, Jesper Rahlff said:

    big question for me would be if Vray is still faster rendering volumes.. Not sure it would be. Mantra is not doing to bad when it comes to volumes

    I think Mantra is faster when rendering volumes, but the main issue is when you need multiple-scatter; Right now the path tracing alternative to point clouds is extremely slow in comparison with Arnold for example. Lets hope that H17 surprise us with some improvements for Mantra in volumetric rendering.

  7. 3 minutes ago, toadstorm said:

    It's actually possible to use op:/ syntax to point at SOPs in a shader, as long as the SOP is the output (or upstream of the output) of an object listed on the Mantra ROP. If you don't actually want that object to render, you can add the vm_renderable flag to the container and set the value to 0.

    Yeah I know! I was meaning that not directly, you need to tweak first to make it functional. Even when you tried to render that's what the command line tells you! I didn't explain my self correctly! :)

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  8. 42 minutes ago, logix1390 said:


    Is there a way to group the particles that are only effected by the pop advect by volumes pop? I can do it by proximity but it creats a perfect circle around the effected area, which is not what i want.

    Thank you


    You can create a group, testing the speed of the sampled velocity. So particles with a speed threshold below some value get out of the group.



  9. Hey Ezequiel!

    No hay problema!!  El grupo es porque, al usar los boundary layers hay un reeseding (o creacion dinamica de particulas) en la zona de padding, asi que se debe crear un grupo o definir un atributo para asi diferenciar las particulas justo antes del reseding; Asi al transferir attributos solo las nuevas lo recibiran concervando asi el color sin sobreescribirlo en las particulas ya existentes.



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  10. I think a displacement shader is the way to go! So you could use the voronoi pattern directly on your shader to use the center of each voronoi cell and the distance, then use that gradient as your displacement factor to give a concave or convex shape to your main object.

    In sops you could do the same, but you need a lot of subdivision to accomplish the same as in shading stage.



  11. 12 hours ago, Ronald Ruiz said:

    This thing don't leave me sleep!! I found a really useful demo file of an unfold system on vimeo https://vimeo.com/147216148 He uses a totally different approach for applying the transforms but I borrowed some of his code and cleaned up mine, I still have the same polygon that doesn't follow but now I have an attribute for controlling the angle per transform point. Really useful code :) So check this last file pleeeease.




    Hey Ronald!!

    Un gustaso ver tu archivo!! Haces muy buen uso de la aplicacion en temas de transformaciones!! Felicitaciones!!

    Saludos desde Colombia!!



  12. Here is the correction for the file!

    The problem was that you were using copy mode in the gas calculate, you need to add this pump to your velocity, but also you need to take care with the substeps, that's why I activated also a linear scale multiply mode for the pump to then scale all by the scene FPS.

    I recommend you also that's is better to use ad-hoc fields (temporal data), it has memory advantages just cleaning that field but also the creation time when dealing with heavy data, for this try to use a gas match field instead.