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  1. Using attribute for Smooth Strength

    Thanks. I also found the option to use @area as a local control attribute on the poly-extrude to scale the inset.
  2. Using attribute for Smooth Strength

    So if I blur the attributes, how is that actually going to help me to get to different smoothing? The attribute values are right, but I can't use it for strength since he function only allows 'global'variable. E.G. $FF would work. Or do you mean I should use the attribute blur directly on P.xyz instead of using smooth? I could group the primitives by @area and then use smooth values by group. Maybe a foreach primitive but wasn't able to get that working properly either.
  3. Hiho, I have been going though old Entagma tutorials, including Voronoi patterns. To get a better fit between the Areas and the grid I am trying to adapt the smooth according to the areas size of the shapes. biiger area -> more smooth strength. So I created a measure node, got the attribute on the primitive and then tried the simple @area on the strength attribute ... And doesn't work. Tried to promote the attribute to the points to see if that helps, but no... OrganicVoronoiPatterns_01_od.hipnc