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  1. pop and jitter

    When a force presses a pile of rigid bodies against a surface with zero mass, how do you eliminate the 'jitter' that eventually sends those bodies blasting off suddenly in one frame? I've been tweaking bounce, mass, force, friction, drag, etc., but the 'explosion' (quite funny at first) ALWAYS disturbs my pile of geometry before the keyframed sledgehammer hits them... or after they have come to rest on the floor. Is the three-node network (rbd create; force; drag) just too simple or is version 6's SLIDE POP the only solution? Please tell me there's a magic setting somewhere in 5.5... whoops. this should have gone under effects but there seems no way to move it without an admin.
  2. Movies that make you smile.

    Big Trouble in Little China and Beast Master (for reasons I can't remember) Face Off and Black Mask (for breathtaking slow-motion)
  3. Browsers?

    Not IF, cap'n_crunch, WHEN. we believe, we believe, we be... sigh. okay, we just look at the G5 and wish and hope and visualise and ...
  4. Basic Problem - Soft Shadows

    And there's a No SHOP option that works even in 5.5... In the Light Object parameters, under the Shading tab is a NoSHOP panel with a slider for... ta-daaa... 'Shadow Softness'
  5. Improving Spring SOP Collision

    approximate the model's geometry with metaballs; pipe it through a Force SOP (with radial force at a minus value); and into the Spring SOP.
  6. ...using the Spring SOP (Thanks, Sirogi! ) to make pigtails that bounce on a hyperactive model. BUT The occasional pigtail is sliding through the model's face (disappearing at the nose, reappearing at the chin) for a truly frightening effect. I can't delete individual 'problem' strands because too many of them fail once (though they bounce properly 90% of the time). any ideas?
  7. Has anyone made anything like a chandelier where the individual chains collide when you animate the plank they're bolted to? I'm trying to: - connect 10 to 20 cylinders (the links in this chain) with loose ball-joints; - attach the 'top' cylinder to a plank so the rest ot the chain hangs from it; - get dozens of these chains 'hanging' from the same plank (basically an instance at each point) - animate the plank to generate RBD within each chain and among adjacent chains. IS THERE A TUTORIAL ANYWHERE??? I'm okay with RBD using separate geometry objects at object level, but this level of instancing and interaction looks like a job for POPs. Help.
  8. Calculate RBD from animated object?

    thanks Jens. problem solved. Is there any way to generate a few dozen of these chains, locking each 'top link' to a point on a chandelier? In sops, I'd start with a copy sop and a grid... but these chains have to bounce off each other and I'm being warned to animate at object level. If there's a tutorial ANYWHERE for making something like this chandelier or wind-chime in version 5.5 (... where you keyframe a 'roof' and get the stalactites to do the dynamics), please let me know. thanks again, Jens.
  9. How do you animate an object and then have 'attached' objects calculate rigid body dynamics from the updated position? In the attached GIF, the three lower links have calculated RBD (forceY = -1) from the REST position (shown by the dotted line) instead of the new position of the top link (... on the other side of the circle path). I've tried animating the top link before applying RBD; choosing 'geometry changes with time' etc. Please advise
  10. Smoke from particles

    Captain Peon, The problem was indeed a transformation on the object level -- instead of in SOPS. Thanks All.
  11. Smoke from particles

    I apply particles and render in the texture generator shader. How can I get the smoke to appear in the same place as the particles? A picture of the problem is attached. Help! And thanks...