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  1. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    whats with the eh? it was only the last month or two that i found out right clicking the title bar and deselecting Always on top solved much of my frustrations of constantly moving it out of the way.... but yea its seems like a no brainer to make it a dockable panel. My request, a simple function to rotate node inputs and outputs from vertical connection to horizontal connection so we can have the option to work laterally like in vops. hotkey would just switch the input and output dots to the sides of the node, the title and comments to top and bottom, as well as orange dependency links . im aware of shift+A+drag will nicely lay them out laterally, but the wiring in both normal wire and S curve format is rather "messy". this option could be set PER node under the Flags menu. + Drag and drop images into vops, shop or mat view and have a menu appear (like 3ds max) to select whether to drop them as color maps, or mantra/redshift/other render texture nodes. other simple network view layout things, within the display options: + ability to adjust the default distance, in pixels, to which a new node is placed when shift+enter is used to drop a node on a wire or from existing selected node. (and/or snap the new node to the closest grid line when grid is active.) + the above feature would also be amazing without the grid active. as we all operate on various node view spacing workflows. + ability to adjust the magnet strength of all network view snapping + a function to clamp the zoom range of the network view. currently zooming out to infinity and zooming in to gigantic node size seems impractical. (im sure theres probably already a way to alter this with a python script or something) + the ability to add user color set presets in the right click menu of the network color swatches.