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  1. Hello all, I've been trying an effect where a character runs into the water. As soon as the character starts moving and colliding with water little spheres or maybe bubbles start emitting and I don't know why. Below I have attached my hip. file and a screenshot of my exact problem. man_water_run_v11.hip
  2. Hi Thank you soo much Noobini and Peon. but I have done another project using the same method but the wet map is not getting applied at some point I don't know why. I have attached my hip. file and a screenshot below. rain_nine_v12.hip
  3. Hi, I am trying to get my model wet by rain. But wetmap is not visible on the object completely. It just shows up on the half body like the only half of the body is getting wet. I have attached my file Thank you rain_nine_v08.hip
  4. when i am applying texture after rbd using uvtexture it is getting applied on the back side of my object after the simulation the texture remains unchange as if it is a different plane i have attached my file please reply Thank you terrian_road_breaks-v24.hipnc
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