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  1. Can't change node shapes

    That worked! Thank you so much!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having this problem that I think should be a simple fix but can't figure out. All of my nodes defaulted into the rectangle shape, and I can't change the shapes at all using the shape palette. How can I fix this? Nothing happens if I click or drag the shapes onto the nodes. It's as if they are locked. I know this is a minor problem, but I like to keep my nodes organized so this is driving me crazy. Thank you!!
  3. RBD to Vellum

    Thank you so much! It worked great. I was stuck on this for a week! Now I can continue on. Your set up does sound cleaner and simpler! I have a bookshelf setup already, so I made the book pages based on that set up... But I will give your suggestion a shot to simplify my scene.... Thank you so much!
  4. RBD to Vellum

    Hi! Houdini beginner here. I'm trying to make a bookshelf / pages explode. I set up RBD sim, which works fine. But as soon as I attach the vellum solver to sim it after the dop import, the papers just fall to the ground, no RBD sim info. I've tried putting the vellum constraints, pack it before the RBD sim, RBD, DOP import, unpack, and vellum solver afterwards. And vice versa, I've tried vellum solver before putting it into RBD, but so far no luck. How can I fix this or is there a better approach to this? (book_question_forum.hipnc) Thank you so much!
  5. Hello! Houdini beginner here. I've downloaded some character and animation model from mixamo.com, but I'm having trouble plugging in the texture maps to the principled shader. I currently have the diffuse map plugged into Base Color, specular map plugged into Reflectivity, and normal map into Base under Base&Normal tab. And I'm getting this weird result. How can I fix this? Thank you in advance for taking a look at it! -Y
  6. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    That fixed the collision problem for me, what you said about the division size. That is super good to know, thank you! The fluid still isn't sticking to the geo lol but solving one problem at a time is a good progress! I might just restart the project and see if I missed something. Also good to know, as I never even thought about that lol.. I'll keep that in mind for the future troubleshoot! Thank you!
  7. Hi! I'm making a chocolate dipped strawberry (strawberry model from 4dm-works.com). There are 2 problems. 1) When the strawberry falls into the chocolate, the FLIP is using both bounding box of the VDB and the VDB for its collision, creating this box around. VDB resolution is at 0.007 and uniform division for collision is at 500. (which I thought are high enough?) so I'm not sure what's up. 2) The 2nd problem is that the chocolate doesn't stick to the strawberry. I have the friction, viscosity, density and stick on collision on, but nothing's been happening. I have a feeling it's something super minor somewhere.. but I can't seem to figure it out. How can I fix this? (Bound_Stick_Question.hipnc) Thank you in advance for taking a look at it! -Y
  8. FLIP SIM - How to stop bubbling

    Ahh I guess that's what I get for trying to get away with low res sims T.T RIP my computer LOL Thank you guys so much for your explanation and suggestion! -Y
  9. FLIP SIM - How to stop bubbling

    Hi! Houdini beginner here. I'm learning FLIP sim and having trouble with it "bubbling" at the end. It's a water-filled glass breaking (bubbling_question.mp4). Towards the end, the liquid is constantly moving and is creating this "bubbling" look. I've tried adding a POP Speed Limit after certain frame, or setting POP Velocity to 0 after certain frame, but nothing seems to work. How can I fix this? (I attached the hip file but I'm not sure if it'll work due to missing geos and caches: bubbling_question.hipnc) Thank you! -Y
  10. VDB velocity half circle?

    That is good to know. Thank you so much!
  11. VDB velocity half circle?

    Hi! Houdini beginner here. I have multiple curves that spin around that's being converted to VDB for smoke sim, but I'm getting this weird half-circle from its velocity. It almost looks like it's being clipped. How do I fix this? Thank you! vel_zero_on_z-axis.hipnc
  12. Smoke Sim- vel not coming through?

    Ohhh!!!!! Ahhh you are a life saver I was struggling for like hours x.x Thank you so much!
  13. Smoke Sim- vel not coming through?

    Hi! Here are the geo and the hip file (I deleted the custom temperature part to clean up the file). Thank you for a taking a look at it! rhinogeo.bgeo.sc smoke_sim_vel_mystery.hipnc
  14. Smoke Sim- vel not coming through?

    Hi! Houdini beginner here. I created a custom velocity using pointVOP and added onto VDB surface attrib point.v as vel. When I middle-mouse click, it shows that vel exists. I have it scaled higher than 0 on the volume source in the DOP network and set "Add" for the operation option, but it makes no difference in the smoke sim. There's supposed to be a noise pattern in the velocity, but it's only taking into account of gravity. If I disable the gravity, nothing happens to the volume (the volume surface get steppier? but it doesn't push the smoke or anything). There's also a custom temperature going into DOP, but that one works fine. So I think I missed a step somewhere when bringing the velocity into the DOP network.....What am I missing? Thank you!!