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  1. Pin Attach Constraint RBD object

    Hi, I am looking for a way to make the top of cup/Bucket interact/collide with a fluid mesh so that the fluid will lift the lid of the cup when it comes out without sending it in the air, it will remain attached on the x axis. i was thinking of using a RBD Pin Constraint (but it doesn't work) or using a bone on a static object using the deforming geo so the top will rotate only on the Z axis. What would be best? Thanks for your advices, Romano Bucket.hipnc
  2. Hi everyone, I'm struggling with something, I have filled an object with my fluid simulation and cached the geometry (bgeo) to my disk I then want to export an alembic using a rop_alembic and open it into Cinema 4D to render with Octane, So I can import my simulation into Cinema 4D, I can clearly see my simulation but I can not see it in the renderer when I apply an Octane material. Am I missing something? Thanks for Helping Romain.