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  1. Export crowd agent in a single geometry

    Just figure out what to do... First used a Agent Unpack node to get access to all the information, clean everything that I don't need (groups and attributes) then pack again making sure that have one primitive.
  2. Crowd Agents Bundle

    Hi all, Do you know if exists any bundle of houdini agents that we can buy? Not just the geometry and animations but a pre-existing HDA that offers models and movements that we can use in ours crowd pipeline.... Thanks
  3. guides into guideroom rotate on himself

    I think that you need to add a guide deform node for the static object and the animated one.... see the file I send you. test_guideGroomB.hiplc
  4. Hi all, There's anyone who knows how to export a crowd sim in a single geometry? I got an example that have a single agent with some animations clips. Because of my company's pipeline I need to render it in 3d Max. Exporting a Alembic successfully but when I import it into Max every instance of the agent is a object. Is there a way to export a single object by agent? Thanks...
  5. Crowd and transitions

    Just figure it out! User malfunction =) Forgot to reference the transition graph in crowd object node....
  6. Hi all, I'm getting the following error "Warning: Vex error: Clip transition graph does not contain any points." in the transition node in a simple state transition. Anyone knows what that means?! I go a simple example with a sit character that I want to trigger to get stand up..... Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to make a IK/FK seamless transition. Theres anyone who have done such a thing in houdini that can point me into right direction? My first instinct was to create 3 bones chains. One to bind, other to FK and the last for IK. Since I'm comming from Maya that was my first aproach. Lately I get that I can do all with just one chain of bones and control with a blend when is IK or FK. But I'm lacking os seamless transation. What is the best path to do so? Still 3 chains? One chain is enouph but use python to copy the values? Thank you for the orientation