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  1. sorry guys figure it out, turns out the fbx import on the OS X version wasnt working too well, when i tried it out on a windows machine it seemed to work. thanks
  2. Hi daniel I have been trying to do the export the way u describe it in the post, but for some reason in houdini only the geometry shows up the animation that i created in maya does not come through. Would you happen to have the maya scene you described in this post so I can pull it apart and see where I am going wrong please. I tried it with both maya 2009 and 2008 and I am using houdini 9.5 thanks
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering using a fluids smoke is there a way to control the rate at which the smoke dissipates over time? Like once its been emitted into the container is there a way to control how fast it dissolves or dissipates inside of the container? thanks
  4. thanks for the good news jason. I am hoping they do, but would also like to get it working in my 64bit linux, I wonder if the OSX H9 will be 64bit since leopard handles it pretty well now? Sam
  5. Hi guys, I just installed the H9 apprentice version on Fedora core 8, I changed my directory to the opt directory sourced houdini setup then typed in houdini. The houdini startup window with the girl on it starts up then on my command line I get the error "unable to link glcolortableSGI" twice and then nothing happens and houdini doesnt start up. Would anyone be able to help with this problem please. I am on a mac pro 8 core with an nvidia geforce 7300GT running Fedora 8 64bit, trying to run the latest build of the H9 apprentice. thanks Sam