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  1. Hii. I Have made a Pyro smoke Simulation but my Pc is damm slow. So i decided to Cache out .sim file from dopnet. After 20hrs it cache only 67 frame and Houdini got crashed. so when i reopened the Houdini and loaded my .sim file it only read from 52 frame :-( but i have cache 67 frame. any idea why is this happening..
  2. redshift Error opening the tile device

    Hey But i cant see the rendering progress..its rendering in the background
  3. Its not working...i thing im doing some mistake bcoz im new to redshift. how to use attribute directly as emission..or as a multiplier.....?
  4. Hello, i want to control the emission of new born primitive using pscale attribute in redshift like this im able to do it on mantra using bind node but how to do it on redshift..? torus_Odforce.hip ODforce.mp4
  5. solver not working on animated mesh

    Thank you sooo much...it work for me... Thanks a lot.... :-)
  6. solver not working on animated mesh

    i have done as u told but its not working... i have connected my wrangle node to object merge input_1 but the infection is not working... Hand_11.ABC hand_alembic.hip
  7. hey guys i have a rigged character from 3ds max and exported it into fbx format.. and imported it into Houdini.. but the main issue is this.. the solver node is not working on animated mesh...its only reading a single frame :-( any suggestion.. i have attached file Hand_FInger.hip
  8. I want to scale my primitive from birth (smaller size to its original size) any idea how to do it.. i have used primitive note and add expression on scale "rand(@primnum)*2" but its applied to all the primitive random_Scale.hipnc
  9. Mesh Reveal

    oops....... sorry i havent seen that u have attached the file too...loll thnkx man....
  10. Mesh Reveal

    ☹️ i haven't find any tutorial related to this. at www.motionoperators.com
  11. Mesh Reveal

    How to reveal mesh using polygon i want to reveal my mesh followed by animated polygon as shown in the image thnkx Rnd_Hand.hipnc body.obj
  12. Animated Noise

    Yes now i understood ...... thnkx
  13. Animated Noise

  14. Animated Noise

    Hii. I never used UV in Houdini..yet.. i had make a torus in 3ds max ..and unwrap it and imported to houdini in FBX format..after that..i dont understand what to do.
  15. Animated Noise

    i want to animate my noise in following direction any suggestion..?? Noise.hipnc