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  1. okay thank you..... let me try
  2. u have increased the substep? may u share this hip file.? it will be easy to understand.. bcoz im noob in Pyro
  3. yes i have done that... its creating hole u can check the screenshot .. or hip file that i had shared..
  4. BTW I'm not making rocket launch smoke..... i want to learn how that guy has expanded the smoke.
  5. Hey its working but i want to expand the smoke.. its looking like the divergence field is attracting the smoke .. how to expand the smoke.. I want to make something like this.... look how the smoke got expanded in this video..
  6. Ops i made the value from 20 to -20 not from 0 to -20 :-| thats why i was creating a hole ! Thank You sooo much :-)
  7. can u share this hip file?
  8. its still creating hole after changing value to -ive
  9. I was trying to expand the some smoke simulation using divergence field. the divergence field create a big hole in the smoke simulation. any idea why is this happening Test Smoke.hiplc
  10. Hi, How to Render infinite ocean using Redshift In mantra Shader Directly read spectra node, but what about Redshift how to spectra in Redshift
  11. Hii. I Have made a Pyro smoke Simulation but my Pc is damm slow. So i decided to Cache out .sim file from dopnet. After 20hrs it cache only 67 frame and Houdini got crashed. so when i reopened the Houdini and loaded my .sim file it only read from 52 frame :-( but i have cache 67 frame. any idea why is this happening..
  12. redshift Error opening the tile device

    Hey But i cant see the rendering progress..its rendering in the background
  13. Its not working...i thing im doing some mistake bcoz im new to redshift. how to use attribute directly as emission..or as a multiplier.....?
  14. Hello, i want to control the emission of new born primitive using pscale attribute in redshift like this im able to do it on mantra using bind node but how to do it on redshift..? torus_Odforce.hip ODforce.mp4
  15. solver not working on animated mesh

    Thank you sooo much...it work for me... Thanks a lot.... :-)