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  1. How to Control Pieces in Detail?

    u can set an "active" attribute to specific pieces which u want to break instead of making all the pieces active
  2. How to manually break constraint

    how should i break my glue constraint by velocity enegry_blast.hipnc
  3. Constraints broken in Houdini 18.0.532

    1. check your data name in glueconrel node whether it is matching or not 2. make sure that "s@constraint_name" attribute is a primitive attribute
  4. Ground Destruction by Shock-wave

    this is what im trying to do..but dont know how to start
  5. Ground Destruction by Shock-wave

    Any idea how to break ground by a strong force like shock-wave
  6. Jet Exhaust and flip sim interaction

    i was working on a project. i need some tips for interacting flip sim with jet exhaust like this in the video timestamp 14 sec any suggestion how to achieve that?
  7. vellum blend(inflate objet)

    hey can u share that hip file im doing the same thing but its not working
  8. i was trying to achieve this effect.. but the problem is how to get the consistent orientation of stars and other stuffs 98036676_290878841916233_2325447046790467126_n.mp4
  9. okay thank you..... let me try
  10. u have increased the substep? may u share this hip file.? it will be easy to understand.. bcoz im noob in Pyro
  11. yes i have done that... its creating hole u can check the screenshot .. or hip file that i had shared..
  12. BTW I'm not making rocket launch smoke..... i want to learn how that guy has expanded the smoke.
  13. Hey its working but i want to expand the smoke.. its looking like the divergence field is attracting the smoke .. how to expand the smoke.. I want to make something like this.... look how the smoke got expanded in this video..
  14. Ops i made the value from 20 to -20 not from 0 to -20 :-| thats why i was creating a hole ! Thank You sooo much :-)
  15. can u share this hip file?