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  1. I want to scale my primitive from birth (smaller size to its original size) any idea how to do it.. i have used primitive note and add expression on scale "rand(@primnum)*2" but its applied to all the primitive random_Scale.hipnc
  2. Mesh Reveal

    oops....... sorry i havent seen that u have attached the file too...loll thnkx man....
  3. Mesh Reveal

    ☹️ i haven't find any tutorial related to this. at www.motionoperators.com
  4. Mesh Reveal

    How to reveal mesh using polygon i want to reveal my mesh followed by animated polygon as shown in the image thnkx Rnd_Hand.hipnc body.obj
  5. Animated Noise

    Yes now i understood ...... thnkx
  6. Animated Noise

  7. Animated Noise

    Hii. I never used UV in Houdini..yet.. i had make a torus in 3ds max ..and unwrap it and imported to houdini in FBX format..after that..i dont understand what to do.
  8. Animated Noise

    i want to animate my noise in following direction any suggestion..?? Noise.hipnc
  9. how to create this hexagonal animation..using attribute wrangle
  10. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    could anyone send me hip File Example ?
  11. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    i use divide node . but it only create hexagon mesh...
  12. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    see the video...how the hexagons are animating ...i want like that..
  13. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    Well im not noob..i used houdini since 4-5 months..i have created all the thing accept that hexagonal animation...can u help me on that..how to create that hexagonal animation
  14. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    I'm new to Houdini .... i have tried that sphere Disintegrating tutorial but i dint get the output like iron man head Any other suggestion plzz..
  15. How To Grow Mesh Using Point Wrangle

    Do You Have Any Idea How TO make. i tried a lot but every time i got failed