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  1. dust Clump using VDB

    Hey, Thanks For the Reply. Just a small question, i installed sideFx labs and when i connect skeleton 3d its doesn't seem to generate anything. is there anything im missing?
  2. dust Clump using VDB

    Any effective way to create this kind of dust. I used Cloud noise but doesn't seem to look preety well. any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks
  3. any idea how to import cache sequence from multiple folder using python. Basically i wedge a simulation and i want to import all cache once and add a switch node to select the best output
  4. I have a multiple cache folder and i want to import all the cache sequence in several "file" node once using python. any idea how to do that?
  5. Tank Gun Fire Dissipation Issue

    I want to achieve this kind of but my smoke is not dissipating quickly. and im getting stretchy smoke. i reduce the velocity to 0.1 still im getting that line shape smoke. sorry for bad english. i cant upload Hip file because of restriction. any suggestion should be helpful
  6. How to Create posprim and pos uv attribute without scatter node. Im using add node
  7. How to Control Pieces in Detail?

    u can set an "active" attribute to specific pieces which u want to break instead of making all the pieces active
  8. How to manually break constraint

    how should i break my glue constraint by velocity enegry_blast.hipnc
  9. Constraints broken in Houdini 18.0.532

    1. check your data name in glueconrel node whether it is matching or not 2. make sure that "s@constraint_name" attribute is a primitive attribute
  10. Ground Destruction by Shock-wave

    this is what im trying to do..but dont know how to start
  11. Ground Destruction by Shock-wave

    Any idea how to break ground by a strong force like shock-wave
  12. Jet Exhaust and flip sim interaction

    i was working on a project. i need some tips for interacting flip sim with jet exhaust like this in the video timestamp 14 sec any suggestion how to achieve that?
  13. vellum blend(inflate objet)

    hey can u share that hip file im doing the same thing but its not working
  14. i was trying to achieve this effect.. but the problem is how to get the consistent orientation of stars and other stuffs 98036676_290878841916233_2325447046790467126_n.mp4
  15. okay thank you..... let me try