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  1. Hey Dweeble thanks for your answer mate and sorry for my delay I wanted to achieve a detailed mesh with the growth effect I made. I think your setup with boolean is great and if a export from the Peak node will probably fix my problems I will export is as alembic to Cinema 4D. There I will have a original mesh on bottom and this new one with the growth effect on top of it. I would love to make the whole scene inside Houdini but I can't use Mantra because of render times As you mentioned, I don't need a perfect mesh with edge-loops hahaha. That would be a big problem lol Thank you for your help. It's going to help me a lot man
  2. Hi guys. I recently wacthed Fifty50 tutorial making a infection effect and now I'm trying to mesh the points but I couldn't achieve a better quality result. Btw I'm pretty new to houdini :{ My currently setup after points is Volume Rasterize Attributes> Vdb Smooth> ConvertVdb to polygons. Are there a better way to mesh those points? hip file attached, thank you in advance guys. RnD_Infection.v01.hip 001_Pedestal_high_poly.FBX
  3. Hi guys, I made this simple sim in Houdini and exported it to C4D to render with Octane V4 as alembic. The problem is that in the first frames, there are those weird polygons on the mesh, maybe normal problems? I didn't manage to fix it so I'm ask if anyone here had this problem before and knows a solution for it. I will attach the render and my hip filie below. Thanks in advance. RnD_Viscous.v0.hip lan_rnd_sorvete.mov Edit: I'm sorry admin I messed up with the replies.
  4. Need help with tear drop flip sim

    Hey guys. I'm pretty new into Houdini and I need to create a flip sim of a tear drop falling off an eye. I tried to play with Surface Tension but I didn't get any good results. Does anyone have an ideia on how can I make this sim? Thanks in advance