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  1. Coronavirus

    Hi, as I am based in Shanghai China we got hit by the Covid-19 and find myself forced to be at home with a lot of free time so I used part of it to produce an animation about an artistic representation of a coronavirus. This is currently an animation and at some point I will upload it as well. I hope all of you and families keep safe. Houdini 18 & Mantra
  2. Clouds

    Thank you, glad you like it. I will try to post the animations as are visually more effective than these captured frames.
  3. Clouds

    Hi guys, I would love to show you few of my works creating scape clouds scenes with Houdini. All scenes has several seconds of animation rendered out but since I am based in China I can't upload the videos to Vimeo or YouTube so for now only this pictures are available. All clouds are procedural and animated, even the clouds in the background. The scenes contains several thousands of clouds. Done in Houdini 17 and the sunset scene with Houdini 18. Rendered with Mantra. -MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) -Processor 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 -Memory 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 -Graphics Radeon Pro 455 2 GB Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB Thank you!
  4. Translate rbd info to a sop

    Swann Thank you very mouch
  5. Translate rbd info to a sop

    Swann Thank you very much!!! One more question about your attach file, in the node "Point1" in position the default expresion its $TX,$TY,$TZ and your file have $TX2,$TY2, $TZ2 , it's these a relevant variable? I don't underestand the "2" parameter. Please can you tell me about it? A lot of thanks, your help it's very useful for my. Excuse me bad english. Thans again
  6. Hi all people! I have a problem. I have a RBD simulation, 1 sphere its falling, and in SOP I have a simple node "add" with a unique point. I need translate the info of the RBD sphere position in every frame to a the node "add" point, that is posible? Thank you to every body for advance for your help.
  7. brick road

    Thanks for sharing you file, I am learning a lot with it. I think you need to improve your particles, that not run very realistic, because if one force push the bricks up, you need your particles they represent these forces, and if you cand breack any bricks because the friction force is on I think you can get more realistic simulation, but it's only a constructive coment. Sorry for my bad english.
  8. archform! I that this work is of a long time ago already, but I see It today, thank you very much for sharin the files, I apreciate very much, because I'm trying learning seriously Houdini in these year. I think your work with Lsystem its very impresive! Congratulations!
  9. stopping particles

    Well, I see now, the node group turn on the node velocity when the age of particle lifes it's greater than 0,5, and the node velocity is not a node aceleration, this had confused to me, but I think now it's ok. I see the help of velocity, and these it's a constant rate of movement. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks
  10. stopping particles

    Hey Aracid! thank you very much for share it file, he is very useful. Please, I have a question, in the node velocity, you use the variable $VX*0,95 $VYetc... I do not finish understanding as the effect of deceleration of the speed works, because if you are using the variable $VX (etc) and you multiply it by a number. if these multiplying the speed by a number, it wouldn't have to accelerate this one? Thank you very much.
  11. Intermediate Houdini Class

    Sorry it is too much far for my. He would be fantastic that you could do dvds and sell them... I hope will be posible one day. Excuse my english.
  12. Hi! my english is too bad, I think you want make a copys in diferentes points into the same grid. Its very easy. Look the image You can put the numbers points to make it in "Template groups" for copy a piece of geometry in every 5th points you can write groups 1-5 10-15 20-25 etc, and you can mix groups and select unique points numbers. 1-5 8 10-15 etc... Sorry my english, I hope I can help you.
  13. particles basic tutorials

    Hi Baran! if you are new in Houdini I think its more better for you first learn the Fundamentals of Houdini. Miguel Perez its a nice man, he share in these forum a lot of works (include hip files) but I am sure you can't to understant these if you before do not learning the fundamentals concepts of houdini. You can found a lot of very incredible goods tutorials in 3D Buzz and free. Please excuse me bad english.
  14. How to make particles dynamic?

    You can share any image or houdini file? thanks
  15. You are welcome, I will glad to see your result. Sorry me english