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  1. High resolution  ​​​​​​​

    Thank you so much!! Everything works.
  2. Hello everyone! What are the possible answers for the low quality sim? Before volumerasterizeattributes I had 60mil particles, after that the resolution got worse and I see substeps in the viewport. Thank you so much! nebula_16.hipnc
  3. Age attribute unseen + cache problem

    Thanks! I think so, 'cause in new scene everything works.
  4. Age attribute unseen + cache problem

    I solved the cache problem... But I have problem with color node. Can you check what's wrong with it? I managed to give color ones, but when I checked it again, I couldn't see any color. Thank you! nebula_12.hipnc
  5. I tried to create a nebula and came across 2 problems. 1. I cannot see any colors, when I try to add them to particle cache. (1 Photo) 2. When I try to cache 6 frames of particles, Houdini only shows 1 frame of it, the rest is blank like in the second photo. How can I fix that?
  6. Can't save smoke propperly

    Thanks a lot! I got it!)
  7. Can't save smoke propperly

    Oh, thank you so much! It worked with exr and jpeg. Don't you mind if I ask where I can add PNG Premultiplied (vm_image_png_frompremult) property to Mantra? I don't think that I got that part.
  8. Guys, can you help me solve a problem? The thing is I want to render a sequence of pyro in mantra. Everything is alright in the render view, I see my sim perfectly, but when I try to save the frame as png - it's blank . Thank you! smoke_close_render.hipnc
  9. Scatter crash

    I came across a problem with heightfield scatter. The houses, that I want to copy to points are weirdly broken. Maybe it's the wrong way to create copies on the heightfield. Can you recommend a solution to this problem? cause I'm running out of ideas...Thank you! Heightfield_scatter_problem.hipnc
  10. Polybevel issue

    Thank you!
  11. Polybevel issue

    Thanks for advice, but it doesn't work however I try... Maybe there is another solutyion?
  12. Polybevel issue

    Hello everyone! I have an issue and can't figure it out.. I want to bevel these orange lines by using polybevel, but insted it seperates in 3 lines. Please, can you help me to understanf what went wrong? Thanks. spiral2.hip