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  2. Does anyone know if it is possible in H to conform one humanoid mesh to another? I'm really looking for a procedural method for aligning dimensions and orientation of a destination mesh with a base reference source mesh. I don't think I need a morph SOP, because the destination needs to retain some (or perhaps most) of its own identity, but needs to conform the general object space that the source mesh occupies. Blender offers a sort of shrink wrap function that projects vertices from source to destination, but I'm not convinced this will do what I'm after. Any ideas on this from the community? Just a point in a general direction would be a good help. I'm quite new to H, so I know there is a steep hill ahead and I've got my hiking boots on! Thanks.
  3. Conform one humanoid shape mesh to another

    I wasn't hopeful, because I had a good dig around. Ideally, I'd like to be able to define a few key points, and then have the mesh project as closely as possible whilst still retaining some of the original volume. I'll look into link you provided. Might lead somewhere. Thank you for that. EDIT:: Yup, that link looks like exactly the thing. Shame it doesn't exist in H. I can't justify buying more software, but I'll certainly test it out with their trial.