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  1. Custom Velocity for Fluids - Using Normals

    Cool, thanks for the help!
  2. Custom Velocity for Fluids - Using Normals

    Hello, thanks for the reply! I would appreciate you showing me, because I get lost inside the flipsource. PaintBlob.hipnc
  3. Custom Velocity for Fluids - Using Normals

    With help of some fellow students I found a workaround to get a paint explosion, using popattract and setting it to a minus value. However, I'm still wondering how to use velocity information from a sop for a fluid.
  4. Hello there! Newbie here, to odforce but also to fluids in Houdini! I have spent a couple of days learning how to set up fluid sims with shelf tools and manually. However, it is still unclear to me how to use custom velocity for fluids. Unfortunately a lot of tutorials are outdated and don't work for Houdini 17. I've been trying to follow Andreas Glad's tutorial on Paintsplats. He uses the normals of a distorted sphere as velocity for his fluid to get a nice omnidirectional explosion of paint. Is it possible to do that in Houdini 17? (It is most probably, but I have no idea where to integrate that velocity information into my Dop Network.) I hope someone can enlighten me on what to look for!