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  1. Hello I’d like to share my final animation project form school. it's a music video "Reise". I’m not very happy with it, and like to improve it. Time and other circumstance had me to cut a lot of stuff to finish it. I used MotionBuilder for MoCap, Houdini for the rest and AfterEffects to get the painterly look. English Subtitles are paraphrased. I would really appreciate some help –I’d like to improve the integration effect of the man etc. I used a curve node with path and an attract node and set kexframe on the activation but it doesn't look that good. I also would like to have, that the particles are pushing the curtains but I couldn't get it done. The curtains are a simple vellum simulation. How would this effect be done properly? thank you
  2. Wireframe and UV Distortion with mantra

    thank you both for your input and links, I will have a look at it and if I have further questions, Iwill post in an own thread, . But I guess, I have to change the look to something much simpler, since I have to be done by the end of May. Unfortunately, CMIVFX seems down and there seems no way to get the content.
  3. Wireframe and UV Distortion with mantra

    Hallo Konstantin, thank you for the files and the link. I will have a closer look. I was thinking about something like Cinema4D sketch and toon shader. because I'm current on my final animation project and would like to have the look of a painting like Pissarro or Sisley etc. but brush strokes rendering seems more complicated than I naively thought and in deep shader creation and writing was not part of the school - so every tips and tricks are highly appreciated.
  4. Wireframe and UV Distortion with mantra

    fantastisch... thank you very much. there is a lack off shader building tuts for npr rendering. do you know how to get the edges of the geometry to get more an artistic look?
  5. hello, I added the properties node to your network and now the displacment works. Kai Stavginski form sidefx explains the workflow in one of his shader-tutorials, but I have forgotten in which one - I belive it is the costum shader ... Displace_F2_v1.hipnc
  6. hello flcc, when you collaps to material network you have to re-assign the material to the sphere. it's still looking for the principledshader. but the displacment bound on the properties-node seems not working right. I deleted the channel and set it to 10 and it worked.
  7. Motion capture

    Hello, for my final animation movie at the animation school I have the possibility to work with Dancers and Motion-Capture. I try to do all the modelling and rigging in Houdini/ZBrush, so I’m wondering how the workflow is to get the data in Houdini. Going through forums and watching the few videos on this topic, it’s seems very frustrating and complicate and I get feeling it should not be done. (By the way the teachers use Motion builder and Maya, but I don’t like Maya.) I will try the work-flow as described above but Tips and Tricks like … how to setup the rig in Houdini the right way and other tips and suggestions are highly appreciated, since this is my first time working with mocap-data.
  8. Re-create Sci-Fi Art WIP - Metropolis

    hey, that looks pretty awesome.
  9. Fermat's Spiral - First Digital Asset

    hello, that looks good. you can create a similar effect by using an L-System and animate the angel parameter.
  10. CmiVFX down again...

    Well, as someone without internet-connection at home, I will not buy any product. This online-streaming-thing to me is like buying a book, but have to go to the library to read it. Anyway, I just want to comment and this phrase above, since it's just a phrase, I wrote an email a good year ago and you never responded or maybe we just have different ideas of the term - immediately.
  11. Procedural modelling experiments

    wow , fantastic stuff. really amazing.
  12. cmiVFX Launches Houdini Shading And Rendering Video

    Well, he asked me to write him an email about alternative purchase, I wrote him - this was in February - he never responded. Maybe you have more luck. This is very strange, why should I pay more than others, just because I want a download. sound like a rip off of honest costumers. as long as they have only streaming I will not buy anything from them.
  13. H6 Legacy Video Tutorials

    well, I guess he is talking about this - funny the support-files he is looking for are not been archived. the other 2 are. thanks for the rocketship-files.
  14. H6 Legacy Video Tutorials

    Hello, I also searched for some of the support files - esp. the rocketship - a good place to look for them is: archive.org. I found some of the files there, the videos are not linked but the files are, an the one I tested works perfect. Here you will find some of the files. Well I didn't find the support-files for the rocketship... hope this helps.
  15. Meeting: DACHoudini User Group

    that would be cool. but it's a little bit far away. viel spa
  16. [Beginner] L-System / Branches

    Hello, I'm following the Tutorials from this site and Workshop No.8 is a nice introduction for L-Systems. In exercise No. 3 you should try get the given shape. Well, I think, I set up the rules to get close to the sample, but I couldn't find out one thing. I read the help-files and played around with some variable, but I couldn't find a Solution: As you can see the branch 'C' scales down and decreases by (in?) generation. But as in the sample, it should only scales down. How can I do that? primzahl
  17. [Beginner] L-System / Branches

    Sorry for my late answer, at the end of June there is always stress at University. Thank you both for your Inputs and for the file icelab, it help me a lot. and you're right, "G" can't easily replaced, I was in some way aware of it, but I had to much twistSOPs in my brain. I used both ideas to get the shape.
  18. Procedural Shell Demo

    feines Teil. looks great. thanks!
  19. [Beginner] L-System / Branches

    Hello, I fight myself through to
  20. [Beginner] L-System / Branches

    hallo, sorry for my late reply, I'm very busy with some papers for the university and so Houdini has to wait ... Thank you for your reply
  21. Psycop Dante's Inferno

    Well, actually a good question. I guess nothing, it's just a hope I have and trailers are often not that meaningful as they look like. and I forgot something important concerning hope: Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate'.
  22. Psycop Dante's Inferno

    I'm looking forward to this release, as a student of Comparative literature and who had an exam about the book. I wonder about they adopted the "story", I don't see Vergil in the trailer - just Beatrice. I hope it will not be a hack and slay game. it looks good.
  23. Hammering

    dictionary says it means - Sofa. maybe it has more meanings.
  24. Problem with edge divide

    Thank you for this hint. Works perfectly - maybe not really fast, but it works. -pz-
  25. Problem with edge divide

    hello, facing the same problem - is there now a solution ? thanks -pz-