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  1. Tutorial HIP Library

    Nice one man! thanks. I was wondering how to blend shape that into an infinite ocean? I want to place the camera in such a way I can see the flip sim but also blend it with an infinite ocean which will use a baked spectra for render optimization
  2. is there a reason for Particle Radius Scale = 0.66 ? also Grid Scale = 0.8 seems a bit too low.
  3. Thin Sheet Fluid

    Not all of them, point rearrangement should run on all of the points. To be honest I'm not 100% sure which sops should be applied to all particles. The fact that still some droplets get deleted is an issue, and also the fact that this solver works only on specific grid scale and particles scale is an issue. I'll try to implement something more procedural, but keep in mind that hole filling works really depending on substeps and surface tesnion
  4. Thin Sheet Fluid

  5. Thin Sheet Fluid

    inside the Sheeter sop, where you get the particles from the flip solver and apply the filling process, you can do VDBfromParticles, then use VdbSmoothSDF to smooth a bit the surface, and then use a Group SOP where you group only the particles that are inside the smoothed surface, AND THEN apply the filling process only on that group. This causes the Hole Filling to be applied only on areas that are the "body" of the simulation and not the egdes.
  6. Thin Sheet Fluid

  7. Thin Sheet Fluid

  8. Thin Sheet Fluid

    I noticed that in some cases your refine_droplet node tends to delete/snap some droplets, which is unnatural.
  9. Thin Sheet Fluid

    I did some test with higher substeps ( like 6-8) and the uncontrollable expansion seems to be resolved. Also you lower time scale. Also, a cool trick to split the tendrils and not have long streaks is to get the volume surface from your flip, apply a bit curvate/gradient smoothing, group particles based on that and use the sheeter only on these areas. This will prevent the filling on areas like droplets and let them detach from the main fluid.! I know this adds more time time to the calculations but I think it's worth it ! Last but not least, using a grid-scale of 1.5(instead of 2) is a key thing to get way more details on simulations with surface tension on!
  10. Thin Sheet Fluid

    Do you still work on this solver? I have few improvements to mention!
  11. could you share how you did it?
  12. Dam Relesed Effect

    i'm trying to do something similar, like water coming out of the hose of a firetruck, any tips how to approach it ?
  13. I've tried your setup but the results seem a bit odd. Do I have to pump up the resolution ?
  14. how exactly you ended up making the setup ?
  15. Mother Nature's Power

    could you share this tool? it looks awesome. or at least how to pick a random debris for each particle instance Thanks