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  1. Looping over Groups with only Points

    Hey 3dome, I tried 2) but couldn't get it to work with Names Anyway thank you guys !
  2. Looping over Groups with only Points

    OKay I just tried this and it worked: Point wrangle Run over " detail ( only once) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// int ptCount = detailintrinsic(0, "pointcount"); int counter = 0; for(int i=0; i<ptCount; i++) { if(ENTER CONDITION FOR GROUPING HERE) counter+=1; groupName = sprintf("group_%d", counter); "setpointattrib(0, "groupName", i, groupName); } ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// in my vex and then used "groupName" as piece attribute. Man I've been looking all night for that, literally
  3. Looping over Groups with only Points

    Hi ThomasPara, thanks. Maybe a little confusing but when I said cluster, I didn't know about the actual cluster SOP. So I have a point cloud with Point Groups assigned with Vex in an Point Wrangle. And I'd like to "split" or separate the groups , do stuff to those individual streams and merge them back together. Thank you
  4. Hi, here's what I've done with vex so far working on a point cloud : Created groups based on clusters/distance What I'd like to now is to be able to do stuff to those individual groups. With a for each /loop or something. Buuuut as there are only points, the promote group sop( set to point -> primitives ) creates prim groups but empty ones. So I can't use that in a for loop Any ideas ? Thank You. Wout