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  1. Hey there, I sent you an email !
  2. Add the callback in the menu script section ?
  3. That is so coool !!! How long does it take to print stuff like that ?
  4. Welcome back then I think this one is my favorite :
  5. Oh really, so you get these beautiful caustics for mere seconds, nice !! I'll have to check out the scene file later
  6. Oooh, pretty ! What's the render time on that ?
  7. I finally got around to uploading the scene file for this; You can find it here : https://gumroad.com/l/OqKbn
  8. Thanks a lot germancasado ! Exact same thing happened to me haha
  9. Hey guys, can you get UI feedback from buttons pressed ? ( not in an HDA layout, the Houdini interface itself) . It seems like you can only get info from the viewer state , which is restricted to the viewport if I understand it correctly ? I'd like to run a function from the python module when the user presses the 'show handles' button Thanks ! ( whats with this text haha )
  10. Wow, so many beautiful images in your thread !
  11. Procedural uv's for the branches and trunk...
  12. Hey guys, I started making procedural trees, I'm happy with where I am at the moment, good start
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