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  1. models: sea shells

    in case anyone is interested... I just updated my site with more renders of these shells, as well as the final "progress report" explaining the process. click here
  2. models: sea shells

    very cool link! thanks man. I checked out a few similar aps for fractal and l-sys generation when researching the shells. never found that one though. good stuff. unfortunately i have been too busy lately to explore any more, hopefully soon. thanks also for the lighting/rendering tips, sirogi.
  3. l-system question

    goto Dialogs>Aliases/Variables... or just hit alt+A add as many as you need.
  4. models: sea shells

    thanks Will! I was originally planning to model them using the fibonacci sequence and L-Systems, but just couldnt quite get it to work the way that I wanted to. ended up using log spiral functions instead - see the expression cookbook in the Houdini docs. i plan to delve deeper into L-Systems when i get a chance and see if i cant figure something out. thanks for the links. have used the first one extensively already. this book has been a big help so far too ~ The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells
  5. models: sea shells

    my sincere apologies for the double post... not sure what's going on with that. possibly a mozilla issue.
  6. models: sea shells

    howdy folks... just thought that i would share my sea shells (definitely a work in progress). i love the simplicity of the forms... hoping to possibly look into developing shaders for them in houdini as well. really enjoying the houdini approach. critiques welcomed, requested. will post some SOP network shots if there is any interest.
  7. l-system question

    sorry arctor. didnt mean to step on any toes. you should just be glad that you werent the one hanging out on the message board on a saturday night.
  8. l-system question

    If I read you right, you are having the problem with getting the pruned growth l-system tutorial to work... if that is the case, you just have to make sure that you have the merge1 going into the far right input of the l-sys. looks like the image that they provide in the docs is incorrect. hope that helps.
  9. Controlling Normals

    ahhh! yes indeed, the Sweep SOP did the trick. if it were a snake, it would've bit me. thanks Marc.
  10. Controlling Normals

    oops... sorry about the double post. not quite sure what happened there.
  11. Controlling Normals

    I have a Grid SOP that I appended a Point SOP to and then plugged in expressions for the x and z positions, in order to get a log spiral (as in the "expression cookbook" part of the documentation)... i then created a circle and have copied it to the spiral points. problem is that I can't seem to get the circles to align properly, ie all aligned towards the center of the spiral. cant even seem to get them to simply align to each point properly in order to create a "tube" of cicles either. they keep on ending up flattened out. (see image) i have tried appending a second Point SOP to the spiral, using "add normal", etc... but no luck. any suggestions?
  12. l-system question

    it's a Fern Shrub.
  13. Custom Handles?

    Does anyone know of a way to create custom handles to control specific parameters, for instance the Duplicate SOP's "Number of copies"? I am looking for something along the lines of the way that you can make handles "persitent" and lock all channels that you dont want the user to be able to change.
  14. Randomizing Color of Grid Points

    much and many thanks to all three of you!!! Marc - i have used your pointers and it worked out great. so simple, and i have been beating my head against the monitor for hours on this. heheh. the more familiar I become with Houdini, the more i love its (deceptive) simplicity - maybe straightforward approach is a better way to put it. I guess it is all just a matter of getting to know your way around, the operators. I will check out the hip file next. you guys are tremendous! thanks again.
  15. Randomizing Color of Grid Points

    thanks a lot Anakin. I had a feeling that it might have something to do with the Copy stamp. unfortunately, I dont seem to be able to extract the file that you uploaded. winzip and winRAR dont seem to like it. arrgh.