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  1. Volumeshader/fluidslover Problem !

    Hi all, I've been having this problem while trying to apply a volume shader (billowy smoke) to a smoke container that has a particle system inside of it acting as smoke object. The Noise pattern in the volume shader renders as if it's projected onto the smoke, it doesn't move with the particles like it should. You know! like in bad cartoon shows when the characters move but their shirts slide off the the texture pattern I've attached an example mov file, it's a very short one I know, but it explains the problem. The particle system I have inside the container is the tornado from the 3dbuzz tutorial. Cheers twister_test.mov
  2. e7na lelitna foll walla 7aga ? :)

  3. Hi Ahmad,

    My name is Sherif & I'm from Egypt.

    Your name caught my attention, so I thought I'd ask about where do you come from. It's always nice to meet Houdini users from the region. Hope I'm not bothering you !

    Cheers !

  4. Any One Seen This Movie?

    Tagline: This is your mind on drugs.
  5. Free Chops Intro Class

  6. Where Are You Now?

    Cairo, EGYPT.
  7. Free Chops Intro Class

    How about Egypt ?.. is there a chance if I ask SESI ?.. whatever they want.. a camel.. 2 camels ?.. 3 ?.. I'll pay Well then, I'm suggesting you consider a full DVD.. that would be awesome ! Anyways, Thanks a lot for the video tutorials, can't wait for the new ones !
  8. Superbowl Squirrel

    That was friggin hilarious !! :thumbsup:
  9. Volumeshader/fluidslover Problem !

    Thanks a tons Mario, that helps a lot ! cheers
  10. A Querstion For Character Animation Interviewer

    I wouldn't add it for a character animator reel. It would be distracting and annoying.
  11. Hi All, I've watched the Quadruped Helldog tutorial a while ago and I think it's a great one. But I have a concern about the rig. Plz take a look at the files attached with the tutorial and tell me, where I can find a controller that does a Foot-Roll. and By that I mean a controller that peels the foot off the ground. The Toe Controller does a tip-toe. But it doesn't actually peel the foot of the ground gradually like it should. Thanks in Advance ! P.S: Am I the only one who thinks that the documentation on characters and rigging is terrible?
  12. A Question About The Helldog Tutorial

    So I hear about the old days, wouldn't have dared to try the software back then
  13. New Quadruped Auto Rig Tutorials Online

    That's a very nice one :thumbsup: Wish he could've added an extra bit on horses, for they are pretty different from other quadrupeds in foot area.
  14. Rigging A Horse

    Hey guys, coming from XSI to see what Houdini's got to offer.. So, I was trying to rig a horse using the Quadruped Autorig, and I'm stuck with what to do with foot/toe. For as you know, horses don't have multiple toes like cats and such. My concern is, what do I do with the extra toes I've got ?.. I tried to delete them from the rig guide but that didn't work, do I just push them aside or have them aligned with my middle/main toe or what ? I just don't wanna do anything that would screw up the skinning/weighting process afterwards. cheers ! ****** EDIT : guys I have another question: Isn't there any foot-roll controller ?.. You know.. the one that peels the foot of the ground, such as in Biped Rigs. I can't seem to find this one although I know it's essential and it should be there ! ******
  15. Rigging A Horse

    Yeah Hammy ! I'm actually following this tutorial while rigging the horse, that's a very good one. ----- Now I have anotehr question guys : Isn't there any foot-roll controller ?.. You know.. the one that peels the foot of the ground, such as in Biped Rigs. I can't seem to find this one although I know it's essential and it should be there !
  16. Rigging A Horse

    Thanks for all your answers ! Michael : I can't find it, I tried searching the otls inside, there's the usual 4/5 fingers choice, but I can't take it down to one ! Hammy : Thanks.. I was thinking of the same thing about not weighting. I'm still new to houdini, so I'm just trying the autorigs for a start. But since you've mentioned it, are there any helpful resources that you'd suggest for learning about rigging in Houdini ?