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  1. Thousands of particles noise problem

    Get rid of reflection and render your particles as Uniform Volume instead.
  2. Karma volume visibility ?

    "-primary" on the Render Visibility parameter on Render Geometry Settings.
  3. You can. But you need to make sure that Houdini actually exports the line to Mantra, by adding it to the "Force Objects" parameter, but you also need to disable visibility by leaving the "Render Visibility" parameter on the object node blank.
  4. Render Point as Volume ( Render-Time ) XPU

    Try assigning a Karma Volume VOP to the particles.
  5. karma fire has no alpha channel

    You can connect a Bind Export VOP anywhere in the shader and use whatever goes into it as extra AOV. dl_fire_problem.hipnc
  6. any methods to bake camera motion blur for spark FX

    dl_particles_camblur.hipnc Quick example of how to bake camera blur onto particle trails.
  7. Ocean spectrum per point amplitude

    The Ocean Spectrum will expect special attributes if you want to go this way. To drive the Amplitude by hand you need to disable the Amplitude parameter on the Ocean Spectrum and create the @amplitude attribute on your scattered points. Or you can instead modify the @amplitude attribute created by the Ocean Spectrum before it goes to the Ocean Evaluate.
  8. get Clarisse rotation to Houdini Orient

    Would be nice if you could post an example alembic, so people can try to find a solution.
  9. transfer Cd with CopyToPoints

    Probably because primitive spheres are already a single primitive, so packing them is causing some janky interactions. There's no benefit to packing primitive spheres.
  10. Flat Tank Fluid Extended Interior Displacement

    Click on the gear icon of the Uniform Volume, at the bottom there should be all the presets for the Material Builder, Ocean Volume is one of them.
  11. Flat Tank Fluid Extended Interior Displacement

    That's because you need Ocean Volume, not Uniform Volume.
  12. Change orientation copied object

  13. Voronoifracture breaks the 3D model

    Every part of the model needs thickness. Open surfaces will almost always cause trouble with fracturing.
  14. You need to Point Deform your remeshed geometry.
  15. How to drive activation with SOP ?

    SOP Solver DOP, Geometry Wrangle or Geometry VOP are your main ways of referencing data from SOPs inside of your simulation.