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  1. Joy of Vex 7 coding issue

    The reason it doesn't look like in the GIF is because you connected your grid with "pointwrangle2" to your second input of "pointwrangle3". Connect your scattered points to the second input of "pointwrangle3" and you'll see that the VEX code does what it's supposed to do.
  2. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Versions being split between Apprentice(non-commercial), Indie, Core and FX is not counter productive and does make sense if you look at it from a financial standpoint. If you just need a version of Houdini to mess around with and practice, the free Apprentice version is perfect. If you work at a small studio or a freelancer who doesn't earn more than $100k a year, the more affordable Indie version is for you. If you don't need to be able to modify or create DOPs but do anything else, Houdini Core, which costs only half of what a FX license does, gets the job done. If you need everything Houdini has to offer, in a mid-sized/large studio, only then you need to reach deep into your wallet and get the full FX license which costs around $5k+ without the annual upgrade plan. Imagine every artist would have to buy a full FX license regardless of what they actually do in Houdini or how much they earn. Sounds like a sure way to lose a sizable chunk of paying customers and in turn get more pirates.
  3. Walk down the tree

    PageUp or PageDown to go up and down. , or . to go left and right on nodes that are connected to the same input/output.
  4. Screenshots of the node tree are not helpful because people can't see the parameter values you used. This gif should illustrate how a voronoi diagram works and how to avoid small pieces.
  5. [SOLVED] Displacement mask in shader

    If you open up the Principled Shader with "Allow Editing of Contents", you have to look for a node called "displace1". The "scale" input of that node is where you put your mask. "Shift+7" shortcut will allow you to search for a node by name and highlight it.
  6. That is what the "Match P Attribute" checkbox is for.
  7. Baking (hipoly mesh huge)

    If baking maps is the only thing you want to do, you can stay inside of Houdini for that process. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/game-tools-maps-baker/ Edit: Alternatively you can increase the Adaptivity parameter on your Convert VDB node.
  8. You multiply Ambient Occlusion over your Base Color.
  9. Houdini Broke After Update?

    I was just referring to:
  10. Houdini Broke After Update?

    Do you have any idea what you just posted here? @NoobiniDon't you think that 100 commercial FX licenses on a regular desktop are more suspicious?
  11. random rotate top face of polygon?

    I have thought of a VOPs + UV approach. columns01_dleonhardt.hipnc
  12. Render videos via cOP

    You can encode your frames into a video or vice versa in TOPs with the ffmpeg TOPs. This requires you to have ffmpeg installed. encode_video_tops.hipnc
  13. Whitewater setup for Large Ocean Toolkit

    The Ocean Foam SOP will do what you are looking for. That particular effect doesn't need a FLIP sim as input. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/oceanfoam.html
  14. USDZ Export

    You are getting bigger file size because the animation gets baked into the USD file.
  15. scatter amount via vex

    Isn't this what the "Count per Primitive" mode of the Scatter SOP is for? scatter_count_per_prim.hipnc