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  1. Change orientation copied object

  2. Voronoifracture breaks the 3D model

    Every part of the model needs thickness. Open surfaces will almost always cause trouble with fracturing.
  3. You need to Point Deform your remeshed geometry.
  4. How to drive activation with SOP ?

    SOP Solver DOP, Geometry Wrangle or Geometry VOP are your main ways of referencing data from SOPs inside of your simulation.
  5. Houdini fluid sim export to blender

    You can run them via command line https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/tops/cooking.html#cookcommandline
  6. Houdini fluid sim export to blender

    TOPs do the same. You just have to set up some nodes yourself to print out the job info.
  7. I'm assuming you mean Render -> Pre-Flight Scene
  8. Extract transform

    You can use a 4x4 matrix too, if all your points are at the origin.
  9. Extract transform

  10. Extract transform

    Copy to Points will look for "transform" attribute on Points if it can't find "N" and "up" or "orient".
  11. Dividing cube into smaller ones

    dl_cube_subdiv.hipnc There's probably smarter ways to do this.
  12. what are these sparky FX in real life?

    Yes, those actually happen in real life with high voltage short circuits. So explosions and fights involving electical lines.
  13. Attribute from map get alpha?

    Or you could open up the Attribute from Map and export the Alpha from the Attribute VOP inside. Because the Texture VOP inside is set to read RGBA, the Alpha channel just doesn't get exported for some reason. dl_attrib_from_map_alpha.hipnc
  14. array values from parameter