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  1. To delete every attribute except Cd you have to type in * ^Cd. If you type a carat behind an attribute it'll be excluded.
  2. Fur Rendering Maya Vray and Houdini Mantra

    But V-Ray has a Houdini Build since last year. https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/houdini
  3. Yep, should be doable in that timeframe.
  4. Hello Khaled It is absolutely doable. How easy it will be in the end depends on which Job Manager you are using. Deadline for example supports submitting the HQueue Simulation ROP directly. Otherwise you need to make sure that: 1. One PC runs the simtracker.py script, you have to set the IP adress of that PC and the port that the simulation tracker runs on, inside your Gas Net Slice Microsolvers or the control null that the shelf tool creates 2. Each PC has it's unique $SLICE variable set from 0- the total number of slices minus 1, which would look like this: Number of Slices:3 PC1: $SLICE=0 PC2: $SLICE=1 PC3: $SLICE=2 The shelf tool takes care of the initial setup. EDIT: I just read now that you are using Coalition as your Job Manager.
  5. Generate Text File out of Houdini

    Change line 5 to append(f[]@point_colors, h); and you should get floats.
  6. Flattening Particle Fluid Surface Problem [SOLVED]

    Could you possibly share your hip file? It's difficult to tell without looking at it.
  7. Flattening Particle Fluid Surface Problem [SOLVED]

    Hello sipi the first thing I would try is to decrease the "Region Voxel Scale" parameter, under the "Regions" tab.
  8. Generate Text File out of Houdini

    Hello David you are getting vectors because you are writing to v[]@point_colors which is a vector array. To write floats you need to replace the v[](vector array) with a f[](float array).
  9. Best Linux Distribution for Houdini ?

    But Linux does have considerably better memory management. Which in turn allows you to get more out of your machine.
  10. RBD Spheres fall through box

    Hey Andrew, I took a quick look at your file. Because you are using Bullet, you need to approach concave collision shapes differently by splitting into multiple convex shapes. And another thing is that your spheres didn't have any names, so Bullet treats all your spheres as single object. I marked all of the nodes I created in red. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. spheres.in.box_dleonhardt.hipnc
  11. RBD Spheres fall through box

    Hello Andrew, to have your box contain the spheres I'd recommend to use a proxy volume inside your static object. While this tutorial might be for Pyro, the same should apply to RBD and FLIP aswell. EDIT: If you are using Bullet this approach won't work. In that case you can use a Facet SOP with "Unique Points" turned on and a PolyExtrude SOP after that, in your static object you then tick "Create Convex Hull per Set of Connected Primitives".
  12. Hello Masoud There are two ways that I know of to stop the volume loss in your example. Either you decrease the Partcle Separation, therefore increasing particle count. Or you decrease your Grid Scale which will increase the resolution of the internal volumes. As for why this is happening, I think it's because the resulting internal volumes are too low resolution to keep the overall shape.
  13. Can't render out high res geometry

    You can set a render flag by Ctrl-left clicking the display flag on the OUT_geo null so you can use the viewport display flag like usual. Or you can create an extra geo node and use an Object Merge pointed to your OUT_geo null and render that.
  14. FLIP substeps for fast moving boat

    Hey Jie, unfortunatly your two suggestions didn't solve my issue. But I'll keep the collision/collisionvel method in mind, as it seems to be very fast and works very well with slow moving colliders. Still thank you for your time.
  15. FLIP substeps for fast moving boat

    What I mean by that is if I go through the timeline in 1/x increments, my collision SDF is moving accordingly inside the DOPnet. I set up my collision object similarly to this quicktip: But I will still try out your suggestion with the timeblend. Thank you.