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  1. Mantra Default Rendering to Background

    "Render to MPlay" is probably what you want.
  2. From the docs: Unlike previous versions of PolyExtrude, this node does not support local variables or per-primitive/edge expressions, for performance reasons. If you want to vary some parameter per-primitive/edge, store the value in an attribute and use the controls on the Local Control tab.
  3. Or you could just use a simple "For-each Point" loop with a Switch that reads the "id" attribute from the current point in the loop. dl_copytopoints_withid.hipnc
  4. Uassets are just containers. You can unpack them with tools like UE Viewer, granted that those Uassets aren't encrypted. If you are lucky the geometry files inside are just regular FBX.
  5. Attribute Wrangle Variable Return

    Quaternions are abbreviated with "p".
  6. Click on the 'XYZ' button right of the amplitude parameter and use {0, 1, 0} for the amplitude scale.
  7. Attribute VP vs. Attribute Noise SOP

    LabsTrees_Displacement_Test_v001_dl.hipnc The 'pos' input on Noise VOPs needs the position to be able to spatially sample the noise, not the normal. Displacing along the normal is usually done by taking a 1D(scalar) value, multiplying it with the normal and then add that product to the current position.
  8. Problems connecting curves with the skin/loft nodes

    To avoid this happening with the Skin SOP, you need to make sure that all your curves have the proper vertex order. Reversing the last curve should fix your problem.
  9. Extrusion issue

    Can't you do the boolean after extruding your chocolate bar?
  10. Flip Container fit into a cylinder?

  11. Can use solver on moving geometry?

    The reason the cubes won't move inside the solver is because the 'Prev_Frame' Dop Import doesn't reference the actual previous frame, like a timeshift with $F-1 would do, it references the output(!) of the solver from the previous frame. Which means that you have to output 'Input_1' and copy the attributes from 'Prev_Frame' in your case. movingobject_dl.hipnc
  12. If I had to take a guess it's because the textures for the Rubber Toy are embedded inside the Rubber Toy HDA. So you'd have to export those textures and apply a new material with the proper texture paths, as USD View most likely doesn't understand Houdinis 'op:' syntax.
  13. Distributed Simulation with Deadline

    Try to run a sim with "Disable Plugin Sandboxing" checked under 'Tools'->'Configure Repository Options'->'Slave Settings'
  14. PDG - Cache only 1 wedge at a time

    On the Local Scheduler under the 'Job Parms' tab, turn on 'Single'.
  15. Emit pyro outwards (not upwards)

    My method for calculating if there is a left- or right-hand turn requires a curve, because I am comparing the position and normal direction from the previous and next points. If you want to use particles you need to scatter them after the calculations on the curve like @ryew said. EDIT: Added a couple of lines to the curve calculation so curves with very sharp turns get correct bending ratios. curve_smoke_outwards_dl_v2.hipnc