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  1. USDZ Export

    You are getting bigger file size because the animation gets baked into the USD file.
  2. scatter amount via vex

    Isn't this what the "Count per Primitive" mode of the Scatter SOP is for? scatter_count_per_prim.hipnc
  3. You can do a FLIP sim and get the general motion you want there. Then create a second DOPnet and run a POP sim with the POP Advect by Volumes DOP to reference the velocity field of your FLIP sim + the other things you have in mind.
  4. How to get RBD packed object react to pscale in DOP sim

    Hey Emix, the only way I know of to scale geometry inside a RBD sim, is to modify their "transform" intrinsic and have Bullet recalculate the collision geometry per frame. Balls on plane_scaling.hipnc
  5. Viewing Additional UV Maps

    The VEX function you are looking for is 'setattribtypeinfo'. In your case to set the attribute type of uvWind to texture coordinates you'd need to create a Vertex Wrangle with the line: setattribtypeinfo(0, "vertex", "uvWind", "texturecoord");
  6. GLTF to Redshift

    According to the docs the glTF SOP assignes materials through primitive attributes. So I assume that you should be able to see the material assignment on the Geometry Spreadsheet.
  7. smoke has a hairy look

    Those disturbance values seem too high for smoke of your scale. I'd personally try to dial them down to the 1-2 strength range. And maybe set the Gas Disturb nodes to disturb your velocity field instead in the Bindings tab, because I feel like this tends to produce more interesting results as the simulation goes on.
  8. Convert to / export AUR format

    .aur is Chaos Groups proprietary file format which is utilized by their own fluid simulator called Phoenix FD. And the only way to write them is with Phoenix FD.
  9. Particles all drift the same way

    So I took a quick look at your scene and it seems that giving thickness to your plane and switching the collision detection to Volume Collisions fixes the issue. But I'll assume that you had a reason for using Surface Collsions in the first place. Quick test with a 10x10 division grid Surface collision (with a very familiar pattern) Volume collision
  10. Particles all drift the same way

    Hey Chris, In my experience, particles can behave like in your example when you provide an object with zero thickness inside your Static Object, so using Extrude Volume should fix that. But if your collision plane ends up being completly flat, I'd recommend using the Ground Plane DOP as your collider instead.
  11. LOP's/USD workflow worth it?

    Matt Estela did a write-up in his LOPS tutorial on why LOPS/USD might be interesting even if you aren't a big studio. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniLops#Musings
  12. To delete every attribute except Cd you have to type in * ^Cd. If you type a carat behind an attribute it'll be excluded.
  13. Fur Rendering Maya Vray and Houdini Mantra

    But V-Ray has a Houdini Build since last year. https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/houdini
  14. Yep, should be doable in that timeframe.
  15. Hello Khaled It is absolutely doable. How easy it will be in the end depends on which Job Manager you are using. Deadline for example supports submitting the HQueue Simulation ROP directly. Otherwise you need to make sure that: 1. One PC runs the simtracker.py script, you have to set the IP adress of that PC and the port that the simulation tracker runs on, inside your Gas Net Slice Microsolvers or the control null that the shelf tool creates 2. Each PC has it's unique $SLICE variable set from 0- the total number of slices minus 1, which would look like this: Number of Slices:3 PC1: $SLICE=0 PC2: $SLICE=1 PC3: $SLICE=2 The shelf tool takes care of the initial setup. EDIT: I just read now that you are using Coalition as your Job Manager.