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  1. You have two ways of achieving that. 1. You can either plug in your texture into the 'basecolor' slot, make the Albedo Multiplier 0 and the Reflect Tint 1. 2. Or you'd need to modify the Principled Shader by adding the necessary Parameter VOP inside of the Principled Shader Core inside the Principled Shader, because the node which handles reflections has a color input, it's just not exposed to the top level and doesn't have texture slots setup.
  2. how to generate params from a wrangler with code

    That button is running this Python script import vexpressionmenu node = kwargs['node'] parmname = 'snippet' vexpressionmenu.createSpareParmsFromChCalls(node, parmname)
  3. This is happening because you are applying a noise to the position sampling, that will cause convex parts of your geometry to actually sample the position of the concave parts and vice versa(You can see this clearly if you decrease the noise amplitude). You can either apply the noise after your curvature nodes or have another set of curvature nodes to use as a mask for your noised up curvature.
  4. Indie supplementary license

    Yes, for that purpose you'd need to use either the 'hbatch' or 'hython' command-line utilities, as those will consume an Engine license which are free with Indie. And yes, that works with 3rd party render engines, as you are still running Houdini, just without a GUI.
  5. There's an issue with NVIDIAs latest game drivers. You need to either install studio drivers or roll back to an earlier driver version.
  6. Bypassing SSD for caching to an external HDD

    Houdini has an environment variable called HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR You can set this in the houdini.env to something like HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR=D:\houdini_temp and it should write all temporary files to that directory.
  7. I'm assuming that he used the volumesample VEX function inside that Wrangle to get the distance from the surface of that Torus VDB, then remapping those values to a 0-1 range so he can use them in a ramp. dl_post_sim_temp.hipnc
  8. How to link a growth mask to a for each loop?

    It would be nice if you could provide your hipfile so people can properly inspect your scene.
  9. RBD Point Deform won't tear off my mesh

    Your high res geometry doesn't look like it was fractured. If you want your high res geometry to also break you need to fracture it too.
  10. SBUX_dl.hipnc EDIT: I meant to say "cross product" instead of "dot product" in the sticky note.
  11. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    Being able to write to multiple geometry streams with single Wrangles.
  12. rbdconstraintfromrules proxy @name attr

    This happens because the "Connect Adjacent Pieces SOP" inside of the "RBD Contraint from Rules SOP" requires the "name" attribute to be on the primitive level and the geometry to be unpacked to properly function. The "RBD Configure SOP" will pack the geometry and promote certain attributes to the point level, you need to put it after(!) the contraints were made and setup or unpack your packed pieces and then pack them again before going into the sim.
  13. Trigger TOP network cook from HDA

    Three ways to do that: 1. You can add TOP cook controls to any node https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/tops/cooking.html#addingcookcontrols 2. Promoting the cook button on your TOP Network to the top level of your HDA 3. Or if you want to cook a specific node inside of the TOP Network, a small Python snippet like this as callback for a button n = hou.node('/path/to/topnode') n.executeGraph(False,False,False,False)
  14. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    And proper implementation of UI elements like ramps and multi-parms.
  15. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shade/opengl.html#tagging-material-parameters-with-viewport-properties
  16. Mantra Default Rendering to Background

    "Render to MPlay" is probably what you want.
  17. From the docs: Unlike previous versions of PolyExtrude, this node does not support local variables or per-primitive/edge expressions, for performance reasons. If you want to vary some parameter per-primitive/edge, store the value in an attribute and use the controls on the Local Control tab.
  18. Or you could just use a simple "For-each Point" loop with a Switch that reads the "id" attribute from the current point in the loop. dl_copytopoints_withid.hipnc
  19. Uassets are just containers. You can unpack them with tools like UE Viewer, granted that those Uassets aren't encrypted. If you are lucky the geometry files inside are just regular FBX.
  20. Attribute Wrangle Variable Return

    Quaternions are abbreviated with "p".
  21. Click on the 'XYZ' button right of the amplitude parameter and use {0, 1, 0} for the amplitude scale.
  22. Attribute VP vs. Attribute Noise SOP

    LabsTrees_Displacement_Test_v001_dl.hipnc The 'pos' input on Noise VOPs needs the position to be able to spatially sample the noise, not the normal. Displacing along the normal is usually done by taking a 1D(scalar) value, multiplying it with the normal and then add that product to the current position.
  23. Problems connecting curves with the skin/loft nodes

    To avoid this happening with the Skin SOP, you need to make sure that all your curves have the proper vertex order. Reversing the last curve should fix your problem.
  24. Extrusion issue

    Can't you do the boolean after extruding your chocolate bar?
  25. Flip Container fit into a cylinder?