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  1. I've been following the tutorial on SideFx "DESTRUCTION FX IN SOPS" and I like the setup of it. The problem I haven't been able to figure out yet is how to do multiple destructions on the same model at different times. In the tutorial you make a custom velocity to blow out the geo and by doing so you keyframe "overwrite attributes from SOPs" from on to off to switch from the custom to the bullet solver velocity. If you try to do another velocity later in the timeline to blow out another section you would have to turn the switch on again and that would stop the motion of the original velocity. Is there anyway around this using this method? I tried not turning the custom velocity to 0 but 1 instead so it would keep moving, but it just isn't right. Any help would be appreciated. Farm_House_RBD.hiplc
  2. I've been working on some lightning tutorials and they use a scatter node to scatter points on the surface and then use a add sop to create some lines. I have a circular radius that I would like the lightning to shoot from the center outward, but I having trouble with it. I've made the normals shoot off in an outward direction on all sides, but the way the add sop puts down the lines is random. Is there a way to make it more uniform so they are going the direction of the normals?