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  1. Smoke on heavy Alembic

    Hey Ultraman! Thank you for your response. The thing is that I just got the alembic to work on, the simulation was done by another artist. I figured out a way to reduce the polygons and it works perfectly! I'll leave it here so you can take a look. Cheers. T. PD: in the Compile_end node is a must to use the Multithread option.
  2. Smoke on heavy Alembic

    Hello! So I have an alembic file (5 gb) with an RBD simulation of a wall falling down, and I want to apply some smoke to it. The thing is that the geometry is too heavy and I have to reduce de polygons in order to simulate. I tried with poly-reduce and despite reducing the geometry it applies it per frame so I have to wait 30 secs for a frame to load. I also tried with point deform but I couldn´t manage either. I suppose my question is how would you prepare a heavy alembic geometry with pieces for a pyro sim? Cheers. T.
  3. How to shatter animated objects?

    Sweet! I'll try this. Thank you guys for taking your time! Trapo.
  4. How to shatter animated objects?

    Hey there guys! I was playing with a little Mixamo animation I downloaded. The animation consists of a dude falling down, I want it to fracture when he falls down and have a little control over that. So I tried to import the Mixamo, convert it, file cache it and apply a simple RBD glued sim. I changed the source to be a deforming active object so the shattering applies to the animated mesh. I tried to play with the glue parameters to have more control over when I want the guy to shatter but the only results I'm getting are crashes, so I obviously think I'm missing something. Here I attach the file and the fbx. Any ideas? Thank you! Trapo. shattering_animation_01.hipncFalling Down (1).fbx
  5. Render deep data with Mantra

    Alright, I figured out! Thank you very much.
  6. Render deep data with Mantra

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it is possible to export exr images with deep data information in them. It would be to use those in Nuke later for Deep Compositing. Also, I would like to know what is the difference between exporting a fully textured model from an explosion or a fire. Cheers! Trapo.