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  1. how to make a particle loop?

    Hi, Is there any known way to create looping particles? E.g. if I set to simulate 1~80 frames of particles it will be loop-able from 1-80 over and over again.?
  2. createNode is not working.

    @symek Actually, it is not, it has all the point attributes and geo that I want to export..
  3. createNode is not working.

    btw, I am using Indie license 15
  4. createNode is not working.

    Running the python code as OTL (geometry operator type with python) Its getting this error --> Here is the code.. # This code is called when instances of this SOP cook. node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() # create a temporary ROP node fbx_rop = hou.node('/obj/pyro_import1/OUT').createNode('filmboxfbx') # set the output path to whereever you want the file to go fbx_rop.parm('sopoutput').set("$TEMP/out.fbx") # Path to object hierarchy you want to export obj_path = hou.node('/obj/pyro_import1/OUT').path() fbx_rop.parm('startnode').set(obj_path) # Now just run the "render" method on the node, and delete the ROP fbx_rop.render() fbx_rop.destroy()
  5. Hi, I have question about hard-surface modeling optimization. Let say I have a hard surface model of a car. If the modeler was a too passionate guy who liked to model every little bolts and nuts of the car with quite amount of vertices. I want to select every bolt & nuts ( probably select ones below 5 cm if unit is all correctly imported), and change them into right cylinder or cubes for the big chunks, is 'poly-reduce' node is the only choice I would have? I hope to hear any kinds of experiences that other people approached. Thanks, J
  6. Hi, I was wondering was there any cases that uses houdini's sop operator as functions in command-line programs? For instance, in command line, hpolyreduce -i input.obj output.obj and hpolyreduce will launch up houdini or something to operate sop's PolyReduce with certain preset to input.obj and saves the result to output.obj. Would there be any types of example of doing this? and what would be minimum license that I need for it? Thanks, Jae
  7. $PT in "carve" node

    Ended up using ForEach SOP.
  8. Hi, How would I reference point number with global variable $PT in carve node? It seems to not having the global variable. Want to run an expression point("../vopsop23", $PT, "growth", 0) on FirstU parameter of carve node. Any suggestions?
  9. alembic export from Houdini to Maya

    -rcs / recreateAllColorSets IC3/4fArrayProperties with face varying scope on IPolyMesh and ISubD are treated as color sets even if they weren't written out of Maya. -rcs options seems to work.
  10. Hi, I've created a simple houdini asset that changes color of point attribute on an object. I've imported it into Maya using Houdini Engine plugin but it does not seems to read the color from the HDA. How would I make Maya to read the color values from Houdini Engine Asset ( or HDA )? Any suggestions? test01HE.otl
  11. alembic export from Houdini to Maya

    I got this error when I export with HDF5 from H13 to Maya2014. // Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2014/scripts/AETemplates/AEnewColor.mel line 42: Attribute facetted:attribpromote4.Cd is not vector-valued.
  12. I got this error when I export with HDF5. // Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2014/scripts/AETemplates/AEnewColor.mel line 42: Attribute facetted:attribpromote4.Cd is not vector-valued.
  13. Where would I change the format? just write .HDF5 instead of .abc?
  14. alembic export from Houdini to Maya

    Could you tell me more about how to read the vertex color of the geometry into shader? (I am not a maya confortable dude) and also where would I change HDF5? format setting
  15. Hi all, I am trying to export a geo with Cd attribute promoted from point to vertex. I've heard there is a way to connect the import Cd attribute to render properly in Maya but I am not a maya comfortable dude. Please suggest me any kind of way / examples to do that properly. Much appreciated.