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  1. See what I mean with this forum?
  2. Ok here’s a question. I know how to vertex paint based on RGBA. But how do you vertex paint based on a numerical ID? For instance say I wanted to paint attribute VOP data based on an ID.
  3. Put in simple terms, I’m using an attribVops 4 inputs to blend separate tree stems. In my case I couldn't put a cost effective blur inside my established “all in one” attrib vop so I broke up the info into separate vops with an attrib blur added to each. Then I’m multiplying them back together through a single attribvop. So far it works. It was just a matter of adding the position of the vop with a few “import points” set to 2nd-4rth inputs.
  4. That video I posted basically did the job. More or less. not too impressed with this forum. It’s like talking to socially awkward programmers. Not to mention the whole down voting is a bit classless. Last time I saw such a system was in my daughters preschool. I do appreciate people chiming in and trying to help but all in all I got more help from the sidefx forum. Perhaps it’s topic dependent better luck next time I guess :/
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w0pch-MkNg4
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w0pch-MkNg4 Much like this guy combines two ops, same is true for what I’m trying to do except with two vops into one vop Hmmm I can’t seem to post links. How interesting
  7. Atm I can’t visually show. Let me ask this instead. I have 2 attribVops. One has a unified noise. The other has a Worley noise. I want to plug both into another attribute vop (inputs 0, and 1) and use that vop to blend them together with add, multiply, average or what ever. How do I do this in a vop??
  8. Now if only adding multiple vops in a row sequentially didn’t cause such a mess with bulky inflation.
  9. I am relatively new to houdini. 3 months in. When I try 2 attribVops The second doest exactly deform like I’d hope. It kinda inflates. Is there a blend option I’m missing here?
  10. I’m trying to achieve a smooth geometry result inside a single attribute vop node network. imagine Worley, voronoi and unified static added together with the add node. Then I want a node after that to smooth the geo after those noises. Then I want to continue adding more noises. I’m trying to treat a vop network as an enclosed work environment with minimal dipping outside that.
  11. Houdini is great. Which is why when it’s limitations break my creative liberties it’s a huge let down. im sure there’s a vop solution.....
  12. Lol man. I mean I’m so shocked at how unhinges this program is. Not even designer has these simple issues. Boggling