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  1. Hi everyone, I have a question How can I use animated object as Vellum Source to make it works with Vellum Solver DOPs? (not SOPs) This is my hip file As you can see, the Vellum dopnet processes with only the first frame of the object animated_vellum_dop.hip
  2. As the title say. I created 2 disintegration effect scene. 1 use Vellum and the other use POP Grains. What I wanna do next is to bring some fading effect to the pieces after a while they are torn from the geometry. I did watch this and I got the idea behind that. Using Packed Geometry (Assemble SOP, to be more specific) to represent the pieces by the points. Scale down the pscale along time. And after that, using Transform Pieces. The pieces will be scaled down by the pscale. This technique is very clever applying to RBD Objects but I'm using Vellum/POP Grains to get cloth-like behavior for the pieces. So this technique cannot be apply. Anyone here could give me a specific idea for this case?