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  1. Fantastic !!! It works! Thank you very much 3dome !
  2. Hello everyone. I have a little problem: When I want to animate the attribute "Offset - Y" of the "CurleNoise", the numeric value evolved well but not my output. I am a beginner, so I could miss a subtle operation. If anyone can help me, that would be great. Thank you;
  3. fantastic!! It works! I understand better how the expression functions ... I will be able to advance on my learning. thank you very much Drughi !!!
  4. Thanks a lot for your help! It's only been 4 days that I try to learn the software. I did not start to learn the code and I did not know what to do to make it worked. Thank you Drughi for your line of code ... It would be necessary to change what we call the OutPut of the "Attribfromvolume1"? (And thank you very much Konstantin Magnus for your help. As soon as I have a more advanced level, I try to do your method). As I explained, I've just started on this software (hard to learn) and I did not find the tutorials that really explain the philosophy of this software. If you have links to tutorials. I had worked a lot with the hypershade of maya (almost 20 years ago), and I did not find the same logic of connection ... Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm just starting on Houdini and I have not found a solution to my problem on the internet ... How to transform a color information to locate a deformation? Thanks