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  1. Mantra vs Redshift

    ;-) not that impressive!!! héhé thanks for posting it, Very amazing and interresting! Jean-Marc
  2. Thank you so much Tomas! Great solution and much more smart and simple. i learn a lot looking at your file. Cheers, Jean-Marc
  3. Extrude along Curve

    Hi David, Did you check this tut? hope it helps https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/polyextrude-curve-input/
  4. Hello Dears, I think i am not far from something, but i still have a problem with the nested foreach that bring the facet to the copy sop, It is ok when i use only one iteration in this loop, kind of degug way to see it could work ;-) may be its clearer with pics... leaving maxiteration as default should work but it copies only the first face on all the template points... as you can see here with maxiteration at a certain value will copy this face id on all the points, so one is correct... maybe i should write some expression in this maxiteration attribut? i have attached the file if someone wants to see. Thank you fake_extrude_on_each_line03.hipnc
  5. Hi, I have a problem with nested FOREACH SOP, something is strangely wrong but i am becomming crazy right now to find why ;-) the resulting object from this loops is strangely translated, i have made this snapshot with in-between transform values to show immediately the problem: (dont see where i can put pics inside the forum) https://goo.gl/photos/sZDiFBKFrPHJL4QL8 any idea? Thanks! fake_extrude_on_each_line02.hipnc
  6. Shading a Jellyfish inside Houdini

    Hi Guys, Incredible and challenging pictures at the beginning of this post!!! i did one animated fantasy jellyfish while learning houdini. you can see here: I am a little bit off topic because I id everything in Houdini except shading lighting wich was in Maya using 3deLight wich i am more familiar with... cheers JM
  7. H15 polyExtrude with curve

    The way you did this is very interesting and smart! i still dont understand why the last points are sticky like this in the left example, though the animation looks correct ... thank you for the little different tricks you put inside: split sop, clean set of source points etc, i learned a lot
  8. H15 polyExtrude with curve

    Thank you, it's really cool. So i tried to use your ideas with a pre-animated set of curves, mainly yours Mestela, though the other way you gave F1480187 looks cool too, but i didn't know how to choose the curve with the switch node, anyway, i get nothing . It's not updating the curves frame by frame as expected... It's also a bit too complex for me.^^ I was wishing to give a working scene but i had to give up ... to much time spent for nothing here is the scene i got but keep in mind it's not working ;-) rand_polyextrude_on_animated_curves.hipnc
  9. H15 polyExtrude with curve

    Thank you Konstantin, The videos are very interesting, almost the one from Rohan Dalvi. i am trying to figure out how to extrude each face with a different copy/animatin/size, etc of a curve. I think that the idea is to import a curve and a face in the forEach SOP and to give them say the same attribut for deformation changing along the iteration It should work :-) Thanks
  10. H15 polyExtrude with curve

    Hi All, I am trying to have different size in a polyExtrude with curve. ( i would like also to deform differently them...) i am using a forEach SOP trying to do that it seem that distance is not working with the detail attribut "iteration". i am quite sure it is possible but i am lost with all of that... any idea would be great and welcome! thanks forEachCopyExtrude.hip
  11. accessing a variable in Ripple SOP

    WOW Thank You Georgie! working as hell!
  12. Hi, What would you guys do to access an attribut value inside a Ripple SOP? say I would like to scale the force of the ripple depending on the value of this attribut on a point basis? (for example the Cd attr) when i write down this, i get errors: 0.5*point("../point1", $PT, "Cd", 0) thank you!
  13. Aloe Vera

    Absolutely great work ! love the shading and rendering part it is quite perfect compared to a real Aloe Vera except the extremity who is vanishing in one needle but this is a detail :-)
  14. baking transforms of RBD object

    OK, i was in the wrong section ... answer here for any noob like me:
  15. Hi there, I cant figure out how to "bake" transforms of some RBD objects, if possible separately. > Say i have 4 cubes colliding on a ground and between each other: i would like to be able to bake their passive animations in order to replace them by a more complex object... Edit: just a way to replace them by another object at rendertime or to constraint another object on each cube separately would be great jm