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  1. Moana Water Separation Scene

    Thank you all for your replies! I'll check your answers later today!
  2. Moana Water Separation Scene

    Hi, this is my first post here, so just tell me if I'm posting on the wrong categorie or anything! Ok so basically, I'm a 4th year animation student, and I need to recreate the scene from Moana where the sea splits, just like the images below : My problem right now is for the ocean : I need to not simulate the water and make it by myself with a mesh. What I've done so far is making a geo out of a curve, and put a mountain node to it to make the wave effect. But I think I need to use something more specific, like a vop that would allow me to to control the noise effect with a ramp, so I can chose wich part of my sea is more or less influenced by the noise, but I have no idea how... If you guys have some tips, or know how I could manage this problem, that would be great! Thanks a lot! Eau_001.hipnc