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  1. I'm trying to use HDR Light Studio. When im adding this to houdini.env File Sop doesn't work. How can i solve this problem? Thanks! # ----------------------------- HDR Light Studio Connection Start ----------------------------- # HDRLS_ROOT="C:\Program Files\Lightmap\Houdini_17.0_Win_2019.1015" HOUDINI_PATH = "$HOUDINI_PATH;$HDRLS_ROOT;&" HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = "$HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH;$HDRLS_ROOT;&" # # ----------------------------- HDR Light Studio Connection End -------------------------------
  2. Can we achieve this effect in SOPs?

    Hi. Im trying to understand whats going on your file. This effect excatly what i looking for. But i can't understand 'For-Each Subnetwork' part. I trying to rebuild in H 7.5 and For-Each nodes are very different i think. I watched H15 and H16 Forloop masterclass but i cant figure out your For-Each nodes. Can you explain why do you use For-Each Subnetwork and how can rebuild in H17.5? Thanks! @Librarian
  3. Can we achieve this effect in SOPs?

    Thank you all! I will check them all. @konstantin magnus @Librarian @skomdra
  4. Can we achieve this effect in SOPs?

    Hi guys! When i'm watching MvsM works, i saw this effect. Im thinking ''How did they do, how can i make in Houdini?'' I didn't find a keypoint to follow. Any thoughts? Thanks! Ref--4seven_~_On_Screen_Presentation.mp4