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  1. Can you timeshift inside a for-loop

    Thank you so much, appreciate it a lot! Really interesting read on how for-loops actually work!
  2. Heyo Houdini wizards, I am trying to run a timeshift inside a for-loop and timeshift one specific iteration of the for loop but I am having some issues. It only seems to work when I run the for-loop in single pass. When I run it without the single pass the timeshift seems like it is ignored. I am trying to make an HDA where a user can transfer multiple different attributes and also have a time offset control making it so that attribute "b" is transferred 10 frames after "a", or vise versa. Does anyone have any ideas about this one? (Hopefully the two HDA's I've made transfer over alright. I have enabled baking them into the hipfile in the asset manager settings but have never tried it before) I am including my hip-file (its from houdini 17.5). Sorry about the mess, I tried cleaning it up to the best of my ability. The "problem area" can be found here: "/obj/Tests/Test_Soft_Constraints/curve_constraint_breaker5/", put the display-flag on "visualize1" inside "curve_constraint_breaker5" and try to toggle "repeat_end1" "single pass" option to see the issue. The for-loop is driven by the different entries in the "Set Attribute Values" list on "curve_constraint_breaker5". There might be some fracturing that has to cook at startup. I'm including some pictures as well but I am not sure if they are saying much (the screenshots show a visualization of the attribute transfer, havent moved timeline scrubber, only turned on or off the single pass option). Thank you so much for the read! timeshift_forloop_issue.hipnc
  3. Houdini Python hou.setPreferance (or if easier, hscript)

    Sorry I'm a little late to reply. Thank you so much for that! Been scratching my head on and off for the last two weeks trying to google-fu my way to that answer. Maybe it has been staring me in the face all the time but I just thought that "autosaveinc" always meant the increment of time between auto-saves instead of the actual auto-save method. Maybe I was just too hellbent of finding a "autosavemethod.val" preference.
  4. Houdini Python hou.setPreferance (or if easier, hscript)

    Quick update, here's a picture of the setting I am looking to change for clarity's sake. It's set to the setting I want right now manually by clicking the radio button. I do also believe this preference can be changed by editing the hcommon.pref file in the houdini install directory and if I can't find a better solution to change this I think I will go for that. Just a little skeptical about directly editing .pref files with python while houdini is running. But hey! If anyone's got any comment on that idea as well I'd love to hear about it! Horrible idea to edit those pref files on the fly or basically just emulating what houdini is already doing under the hood when clicking buttons in the ui to change it? Image of the preferance UI with the marked field being the one I want to edit Thanks for the read!
  5. Houdini Python hou.setPreferance (or if easier, hscript)

    Hey Don, That's just to enable autosave, for that you can run just hou.hscript("autosave on"). What I am looking for is changing the mode of autosave with python. It's listed as "Auto save method" on the website. Sorry for the unclarity, I really wish I had a picture of the UI to I could mark it but I forgot to take one before I left my workstation. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Hello all, I am looking for a way to set a specific preference in Houdini with python. The preference I am looking to set is named "Auto Save Method" in the UI. I've tried to use the hou.getPreferanceNames() to get a list of all the pref name variables I can set but this does not appear in there. I have had a dig through the preference files stored inside the Houdini folder and have found a parameter inside the hcommon.pref file that would seem to match the setting I am looking to change, however, if I were to edit this text file whilst Houdini is running, would that update the setting or would it require a restart of Houdini? And is it even a good idea to be editing these .pref files whilst Houdini is running? Here is a link to the help file for the parameter I am looking to change, sorry I don't have a picture: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/windows/mainprefs.html#persistence (Look for the heading "Auto Save Method", this is the setting I am looking to change) You'll have to forgive me if this is very basic stuff, I am kinda new to Python in Houdini and am trying to make tools to learn more. Thanks for the read!
  7. Hey guys (and gals), I've been wondering recently if there is a way of reading only part of a bgeo file from the disk at a time. Ideally looking for some kind of vex command or similar. Houdini can already do something like this with FBX models (and apparently alembics although I have'nt tested this myself yet) in a file node by adding "#objectname" at the end of your filepath example: path/to/your/file.fbx#sphere The use case I was thinking of was if I wanted to create fractured pieces I could instance onto points and instead of writing out 100 bgeo files with the extra overhead in each, it would be neat if I could write them all out to one bgeo file and just call the piece I needed from the one bgeo file when I needed it. I've tried doing this straight up with a bgeo and a bgeo.sc file (in case the .sc compression was hindering something) and have had no luck so far. Is there a way of doing this you think? Thanks for the read
  8. So I don't know if this kind of post is against forum rules, sorry if it is. I just wanted to do a quick test with the (supposedly free) Houdini engine and need an Indie HDA to test with. So I was wondering if I could ask someone on here with Houdini Indie to make an HDA with just a remesh node or something simple like a transform node with one or two parameters promoted and share it on here. Thanks for the read!
  9. Control polywire orientation

    Many thanks!
  10. Control polywire orientation

    Yo, could you elaborate a little on how you'd do this with the sweep node? Not entirely sure how I could make the sweep node do what I want it to. To be fair I know next to nothing about the sweep node Hey! That's a pretty neat and clean solution! I'll just have to make it work with normal poly lines without having it collapse down into world center though If you've got any tips on that it would be much appreciated!
  11. Control polywire orientation

    Hello! I was wondering if there is a way of controlling the orientation of the poly wire as it is applied to a line. Normally I guess orientation wouldn't matter since it's round but in my case I want to keep it square. This is where the problem comes into the picture as by default the polywire is oriented in a "diamond" shape when set to only have 4 sides rather than the "box" shape I am after. Is there any clever ways of solving this? I know of matricies and the possibility of just matrix rotating the whole mesh point by point but I was wondering if there was any other way of solving this. So far I've sort of stepped around this by just copying square shapes to each point on the line and skinning but that has its own drawbacks. Thanks for the read!