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  1. Anyone knows how to dynamicaly change the string in a button calback ? i figured out how to dynamicaly change Integers and floats on PRM_INT or PRM_FLT Parms with function : me->setInt("intParm",intValue); or me->setFloat("floatParm",floatValue); but could not find on PRM_LABEL i obviously tried setString()... but seems to be used for a different purpose please find below my caalbaclk on PRM_CALLBACK int SOP_CircleLineAnimator::UICheckFile(void *data, int index, float t, const PRM_Template *) { SOP_CircleLineAnimator *me; me = (SOP_CircleLineAnimator *)data; me->setInt("txt", 12); me->forceRecook(); return 0; }
  2. Python / Console

    Hello ! I would like to clic the "clear button" in the UI console using python scripting I manage to find the code to apply on a node parm ... hou.parm('/obj/execute').pressButton() But i did not manage to find how to get the console window ... and obviously how the get the "clear" button , neither to press it Any help please ? Thanks