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  1. Sparse Bilowy Smoke buoyancy is canceled

    Hi there, I'm newbie and I'm testing pyro. I want that the simulation don't have direction and create smoke everywhere. But when I set the "Gravity direction" to 0, even if I increase other values, such as "buoyancy" or "temperature", the amount of smoke does not increase. I tried a little of everything and looked for solutions, but I don't get it ... I think I don't understand the examples/solutions well enough to apply it to mine. The only thing that works is “scale time”, but the result of changing “scale time” in any simulation I never liked it. project.hipnc
  2. Hi, I want to use a Mixamo character for a scene. I'm using v18 and when rendering, the render uv cuts/uv seams are visible! I tried in 17.5 and they don't! I want use v18 because the render result is much better. Is there any way to hide UV cuts on v18 render? Sorry for my english and I hope you can help me, thanks in advance. demon.fbx character.hipnc
  3. Looks cool! I'm trying to create something similar for school project. Can you tell me some advices and tricks for do it? Any tutorial?
  4. Generating fracture thickness with boolean

    now yes! Ty sir XD
  5. Generating fracture thickness with boolean

    Tanks, but this use Houdini Game tools. At houdini forums give me the perfect reply and is that need a loop.. Ty anyway I'll intall it, seems that have very useful nodes.
  6. Hi, I search a lot of tutorials and topics but i didn't find any satisfactory answer. I think it's something very simple but I don't understand that it fails. I am trying to create a fractured mesh with "voronoi" or with "rbd material fracture" and then I want to add a limit to the thickness. Many of the examples or questions logically end up saying that best options is extrude but in my case it is a fairly complex mesh and destroy it, then it's not a valid option. Then something as simple as create a fracture and then making the inner boolean and it does not work, only very very small pieces are separated (I have tried it both in explodeview and in rbd and it does the same). Here a file with a very simple example of sphere, sorry for english and thanks in advance. boolean_in.hipnc