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  1. How to make collar using Vellum?

    I'm glad it helps. Good luck!
  2. How to make collar using Vellum?

    Hi, I think unchecking 'add bend across welds' on the vellumDrape is definitely helping because it allows the seams to fold freely. If you do not uncheck it, it'll create a bend constraint across the seam. The second thing I think might work is to make the shape of the patch as close to the real-life sewing pattern as possible. The shape of the collar stripe you have will not fold nicely along the neck. I raise the neckline of the back so it is closer to what it is in real life. The third thing is to increase the resolution of the cloth. The reason lowering bend constraint doesn't help is because the problem is related to topology or resolution instead of the stiffness of the bend constraint. Increasing the resolution will make it more flexible. testCollar_01.hipnc There is a tutorial about folding vellum along a curve, but it is way complicated. I hope it helps! But maybe model the collar directly will be much easier.
  3. clustered vellum cloth?

    Thank you Noobini. Art direct is doable but I had a bigger scene that needs much more pieces and resolution. I've opened up the ballon example from which I learned something new. Thank you for pointing out good resource! I'll take a look at other the example tmr and see what I could do about it.
  4. clustered vellum cloth?

    Hi Noobini, Edgefracture cuts the cloth quite uniformly. How do you make the size vary? Or how do you make the edge jaggy and more organic?
  5. clustered vellum cloth?

    Hi all, I want to set up two sets of stitch constraints. The constraint inside the same cluster(same color) has a stronger constraint; the constraint between two clusters has a weaker constraint. So the pieces with the same color will stick together. Does anyone have any idea? Also, how do you avoid the visible crease after fracturing the pieces? Thanks! clothTear.01.hipnc
  6. Hi guys, I was trying what to map an animated noise which offset in x direction to in circular direction through VEX and attribute Vops. Hopefully can get in offset and follow a spiral. Let's say the x and y are equals to u and v ranging from 0 to 1. The u value represents the angle in polar coordinate and the v value represents the radius. I tried to do that in VEX but results in something below. What's wrong with my code? Here is a code I found written in matlab which might be helpful. This guy exactly what I want to do. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7580623/how-to-change-an-image-from-cartesian-to-polar-coordinates-in-matlab The reason I want to do that is that I am doing a tornado sim, where the big funnel cloud needs to has some variety on the density. The cloud looks like it has a swimming texture on it, So having this circular/ spiral noise would help a lot and save simulation time! Any alternatives are welcome! Many thanks! circularNoise.02.hipnc