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  1. Point Cloud caching of PBR

    Even if I create a photon map I still have to calculate final gather per-frame, as far as I can tell. I'm looking for a way to cache all the data to a point cloud, including final gather.
  2. Is there a way to create a point cloud based on a PBR render? Basically I want to render a single frame with PBR to get all the bounced light, etc., then look up that point cloud when rendering multiple frames so I don't need to recalculate the PBR.
  3. Our First TV commercial with Mantra

    Is the quicktime still online? I can't find it.... saw it once, would like to watch it again!
  4. The SSS Diaries

    I'm wondering about using point cloud based SSS for an animated character. Would I need to output pcs for each frame of the animation, or is there a way I can read in a single pc and match it to the deformed geometry?