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  1. Houdini and other CG cartoons....

    Which one are you referring to?
  2. Houdini and other CG cartoons....

    I think this is actually lampooning Houdini's community rather than flattering it...as some of those things listed were not created by Side Effects. All of these posters above may of course be aware of this and have a sense of humor about themselves...it just doesn't seem that way.
  3. Quality Houdini Art

    andrewlowell, I'm still awaiting the evidence, mate!
  4. Quality Houdini Art

    andrewlowell Can you please show me where I insulted his art....just quote me....
  5. Quality Houdini Art

    andrewlowell, I have art to show. As Ive said tree times now, I was prepared to do some on Houdini Apprentice and post it. I was excited about doing this up until everybody got sick of me for reasons they cant articulate properly.
  6. Quality Houdini Art

    A bit about my name - I dont like typical internet names like ABitHiTech67 or DicoTrixGal, but at the same time am not going to use my real name. So I went with XSI - on the up side you can actually pronounce it.
  7. Quality Houdini Art

    Netvudu, First of all I did not check the reel because I don't normally look that low on a post. That is usually just a signature or quote. And it doesn't solve the problem if one person contributes something stunning, this is not "problem solved". My post was not "can Houdini produce some good art?" its "why is there not much of it?" andrewlowell, A critic does not have to be an expert film producer to criticize a film. I offered to do something on Houdini, after a few months of learning, but am now reconsidering.
  8. Quality Houdini Art

    "I'm wondering what you're doing here actually. It doesn't sound like anything we say will change your opinion, so why be here at all? Or are you just trolling?" Marc, take any impartial third party and have them read this quote and get back to me on their opinion of it. I have read it 3 times and each time the delivery is the same. Don't act like you to subtle for me and it went over my head, cus you know its BS. In spite of your allegations your the only one having a hissy-fit, and in time you'll delete this thread because you and you alone have an axe to grind. So Marc Im asking you nicely to reread my posts, not word for word, just brush over them. You'll find you overacting.
  9. Quality Houdini Art

    Will he wasn't complaining about the entry post....never brought it up. The entry post was more aggressive that the rest...this ill admit, but i did go through x amount of forums which were silaging of apps that produce stunning content both professionally and non professionally And if haven't said a bad word about Houdini yet...I'm in no position too. I even took Marc up on his offer of producing some Houdini art. I did realise he was Admin, but his contributions were as any other - voluntary.
  10. Quality Houdini Art

    realer, this is fair. For example, I started out on max 5, moved over to Maya 5, and am now on XSI 5. One thing it has tought me is that there is no killer app. I still miss some of Maxs poly tools! and who admits to liking Max...not many. I am even considering checking out Modo or Silo or if at all possible Mirai for dedicated modeling. Theres no point being religious about app...technology moves on and changes...
  11. Quality Houdini Art

    Yes Marc I'm a troll...you missed your calling...you should have been a detective. Most of my posts have been replies to other posts, not just restating my position out of arrogance. Heres my work flow - I write a post with no belligerence intended - my post gets misunderstood ad nauseam - then I have to reply to people explaining why i not the ass the think I am. Marc, your contribution is not necessary, you like me, come here voluntary. You needn't contribute or read anything, just let the the post die a natural death when everybody is done with it. If you chose to contribute, as you have done, then for Christ sake point out why I'm wrong...not just that I'm wrong. If I think a poster is wrong I explain to them why I think there wrong - with reasoning. If you think this is belligerent then I'm belligerent . Its not so much that I wont change my opinion - more that I haven't read anything to change it. Thats the key difference you confuse with belligerence. Ive had discourse with people that have enlightened me on some facts, for sure, but noone has taken apart what I saying.
  12. Quality Houdini Art

    Netvudu, you remind me of a Max animator I once met. The thrust of his personality was that animation was the most important part of any production as, he reasoned, "it doesn't matter how good the model is, if its animated poorly it will look shit" (or something). Its tempting for any artist to conclude that his contribution is above all others. Even though a case could be made for the objective virtues of one art over another in a production environment, its good practice not to indulgence. In one final fit of fallacious reductionism you conclude that "The rest are just button pushers to my eyes." Well you could fairly conclude that animator are also "button pushers" or any one who has ever used a computer!. You don't have the patience for modeling? I have none for animation...so I must be less a man in this light!
  13. Quality Houdini Art

    My instinct was telling me not to include that, as analogys tend to foster misinterpretations. What I was saying is that you cant "ride two horses" by saying "were all to busy doing Pro FX work to do conventional 3d stuff" Because if you are all, more or less, doing pro FX work than neither Houdini or its user-base could be considered arbiters of conventional 3d stuff, like modeling and animation. Which supports my assumption that Houdini attracts this type of artist, and not the side-step that we to busy doing work to create pretty pictures.
  14. Quality Houdini Art

    Well, cellchuk and djorzgul I disagree. The reason I posted this forum in the first place is because I found a dramatic paradox in the attitude of Houdini users contrasted with the quality of user output. This also isn't a VS forum so it should not be measured as such. Everyone replying to my initial post has been good though, so no complaints as far as this post is concerned. If you want real impartiality, go to XSIBases forum and type in Houdini. You will see posts asking "is Houdini really better?" and the replies are mostly yes - try that here about Maya and you will get condescensions and snide remarks (that aren't entirely undeserved).
  15. Quality Houdini Art

    "Feel free to be a pioneer in great Houdini artwork. I'll wait in joyful anticipation." Give me a month or two...have to learn the poly tools. Thankfully poly skills a very transferable. I also make no claims about being a gun modeler, and I don't use mudbox/zbrush either...I'm old fashioned! Wont bother with any advanced node features...Id probably have to hire one of you guys to do that in this time frame! So ill model something and render it...wait and see