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  1. Bullet: small objects not stopping to move

    Hi I am facing the same Issue with small debris sim I am doing....Finally I found a solution for this.....Just reduce the Rotational Stiffness value on RBD Packed object to 0.01. (which is inverse of what you expect) After trying to reduce the spin by using pop_spin drag or speed limit causing wierd explosions and crashes Finally I found this solution which works great. Also using more sharper Pieces with less polycount did the magic.
  2. @jrockstad Hi I tried to use the code as is its throwing syntax errors I tried fixing it but got another syntax error.... (network_) to (network_b)) I tried fixing the second error nodes_removed = network_a.issuperset(network_ shared_nodes = list(network_a.intersection(network_) to... nodes_removed = network_a.issuperset(network_b) shared_nodes = list(network_a.intersection(network_b)) Now the code runs but shows empty message window... Can you have a another look at this code...It will be very useful... Thanks, Rama.
  3. learning foreach loop in vex

    we are testing out how to find min max of a attribute in a point geo. (1 million points) attrib promoting to detail as min and max using two nodes took 196.23 ms and float test[]; for (int point=0;point<npoints(0);point++) { float getval = point(0,'test',point); push(test,getval); } @min_val = min(test); @max_val = max(test); above wrangle code took 355.94 ms setdetailattrib(0, 'attrib_set_min', @test, "min"); setdetailattrib(0, 'attrib_set_max', @test, "max"); this one took 176.36 ms
  4. Import Hou error

    Hi any one getting to work it on mac? I am unable to locate python2.7libs on mac. Did anybody got it working?
  5. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Amazing stuff thanks for the provided hip files!
  6. "Pyroclastic noise" demystified

    This thread is a awesome learning resource.Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
  7. Pyro fire RnD and questions.

    can anybody post sample hip of the shader??
  8. Water inside of air field

    Looks fabulous!! Could you please explain more about the setup?
  9. Hi Jason, These shaders still work on latest Houdini versions? H11 etc?? Thanks.
  10. particles from shader

    In this situation scatter sop comes in handy..scatter as many points as u want, after that Build vopsop to read texture info from cop its much faster.. No need to increase actual Geometry resolution ..just increase scatter point count to get the detail you want.. Hope this helps.
  11. moving geometry with particles

    you can use copy node in combination with swich node to do this. you can swich geometry per point and copy them to the points. create a variable for the parameter swich and use it to copy different geometries.I can post you a hip file if you need.
  12. Ground Crack

    cool stuff..many thanks for sharing
  13. Parameter Editor

    Thanks old school...I ill try Python way..
  14. Parameter Editor

    Thanks for the answer... @Mocha: But whenever i press "P" the parameter editor comes as a attached window to the network pane..i want it as a pop up window. (BTW.. if i right click on a node and choose parameters its working. so i assigned a key for that..but i should always do a right click before pressing the short cut key..) @old school: I tried this but i need to press Alt+shift+c - re-size the window - mouse over - Alt+3 ..there are to many steps involved.. If i close it accidentally again i need to repeat all steps.. You may say ...why u close.. u can minimize...if i minimize.. again i need to use mouse to maximize.. Actually my idea is to minimize use of mouse...Especially with insane number of nodes its hard to manage the space in network pane If i use attached parameter Editor..It Blocks out some space and hides some nodes ..for that u need to reorganize your desktop..