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  1. Thank you Tomas, that makes sense. I didn't come to my mind in this case to have a look inside the operator. I have to say, it would be great to have that in the documentation (or marked in the UI, for example on the mouse over tooltipo f a parameter). So users know instantly when they can use these attribute names (or, worse, when they should not use certain attributes name to avoid interfering with the nodes acidentially).
  2. Hello. I stumbled over a tutorial (https://youtu.be/KRkFARl40Uw) that shows that the Mountain SOP uses an attribute “height” (if available on points) to define the height per point. Quite useful, I didn't knew that. I haven’t found a system behind for which attributes something like this works or how one can find this out. Of course there are attributes like pscale that are used by many nodes, those are listed in the documentation (https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/attributes), and there are nodes like the scatter SOP for example, where you can define the attribute name that is used (density by default). But is there a way to find out where something like this (in the mountain SOP) works which I’ve overseen? Or is it just the Mountain SOP which maybe just has an undocumented feature? Just want to be sure I’m not missing something big.. ;-)