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  1. Solver SOP Prev_Frame problem

    hey tortele, thanks for the reply, I figured out the group thing yesterday... and made some logic change everythings work as intended now! I'm still new to Houdini and there's so much stuff to keep in check haha XD
  2. Hello everyone! I'm having problem with this Solver SOP, the Prev_Frame doesn't contain the attributes I modify in the solver, like it's always the first frame. Maybe I don't understand how this work but isn't the Prev_Frame node containing the output geo from previous frame? I idea here is to check if a point velocity is above a certain threshold then start a timer on it (decreasing each frame), these points are used as a smoke emitter. The original geo is a RBD sim, at first a thought is was that but even with a test sphere it doesn't work... Please help, thanks you! panda_dust.hipnc