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  1. Thank you Tesan Srdjan you understood correctly what I was trying to achieve unforunately I don't have much expertise in VEX. Could you please explain how it works and provide more details on how to implement it in the network ? If feasible, could you upload example file for my better understanding ? Additionally, I would like to confirm if your curve is already animated, and you perform the simulation on top of it?
  2. During the simulation, there was a Houdini software issue. The disappearance of hair begins. Please explain the causes of the problem. I made the file available for download. Hair_Sim.rar
  3. How can I utilize PDG in Houdini software to create a flipbook with multiple cameras, and then generate a mosaic of those flipbooks using the ImageMagick node in PDG? Additionally, how can I incorporate OpenGL to render my flipbook?
  4. Please let me know when I use lab file cache nodes for vellum simulation, why my vertex counts change? Also, How can I use vellum i/o cache in tops so that it automatically caches all my vellum caches?
  5. So, I don't know How better I can explain it in Houdini terms, but I guess the attached file might give you some sense of what I am trying to achieve. I have tried to expand group using slider but not only it works in unidirectional manner but It didn't give me much control and smooth transition I would like it to have. The slider works in steps, I would like to replace the slider with a ramp which can work in both directions, and I can easily control the transition from any position throughout the curve. sim_Curves.hip
  6. Thank you Zunder for your file , unfortunately I am looking something different, I want to conrol the constrain position through ramp so that I can also get smooth transisitioning effect. In Maya we usually use input curve attract with hair and result transitioning is not only easily controlled but also gives a smooth transition as per ramp position.
  7. I would highly appreciate it if anyone can let me know How can I apply simulation on an animated curve? Can I have a ramp to control the simulation and animation part divide along the curve from root to tip, if yes How can I achieve it?
  8. Could anyone explain step by step methods, Node graphs etc, How I can perform local simulation and bring my fast-moving character and its environment to the local position in Houdini? I'll try to upload a crude example file if anyone required it.
  9. I am trying to replicate Houdini'sBasic liquid shader (E.g. Vorticity )and uniform volume shader in a Flat Tank created using Shelf tools while rendering using Arnold and so far I am unable to achieve anything close to what I get in Mantra. Could anyone let me know If it is possible in Arnold, If yes what should I do?
  10. Hi All, I am unable to receive the same output when I cache my cloth file, Cache simulation appears way different from my playblast result. Can Anyone guide me why I am getting such different outputs and How can I resolve this issue? I am using Vellum I/O for cacheing and I have 6 substeps in my simulation.
  11. I am facing issue while I am rendering Fur with Arnold CPU everything works fine but the moment I changed it to GPU it renders Fur with any textures and takes longer time than CPU. I am using RTX 2070 with Ryzen 3700x with Arnold Version 4.4.1. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.
  12. I need to distribute multiple shaders on a single object without using groups as I want a smooth transition from one material to another. In this master class (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JQ673B6Y70) at around 32.49 they have achieved something like that using material ID attribute but I have no idea how I can get the desired result. Being a beginner I highly appreciate if someone could help me out and generate a reference file for my better understanding.
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