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  1. Differential curve growth

    Hey Folks, Some more very nice Differential Growth vids I've come across; from Peter Höhsl on Vimeo from Jan Fischer on Vimeo. Its 2yrs old, but still impressive. Cheers!
  2. Differential curve growth

    Hey Folks, This thread is such a good resource for Differential Growth experiments, I thought I'd add this one, from Martin Salfity's Behance site, for work done at Art&Graft from here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/47193587/Experiment-Number-2 Cheers, Stu.
  3. Cleave.so

    Hi there, I just saw this thread as I finished making a web page for the Cleave SOP with compiled versions for the latest Houdini (5.5.266) and source code. http://anusf.anu.edu.au/~sjr/cleave_sop Hope its useful, Stu.