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  1. Particle opactiy

    well it didn't seem to work, until i renamed it.....
  2. Particle opactiy

    Hi Guys, Another simple question, how do I make my particles transparent until say a specific frame or event, I have a color pop which sets both colour and alpha, and then in sops I rename the Alpha to alpha so my shader picks it up, but I seem to get blown out colours when using the VEX constant, instead of being able to see coloured particles through coloured particles. Any clues? Cheers AnDy
  3. COP and switch node error

    Thanks for the info, I thought it might be something like that, I think the blend COP is a better idea. AnDy
  4. COP and switch node error

    Afternoon Gents, I have a problem with using a switch node in COPs, if you create a color, and a file (using the default pic), then connect them into the switch, all is well, but if you try to drive the Input index of the switch with an if statement like: if($F == 1, 0 ,1) i get an error "an input could not be evaluated". I tried in 8.2 and 9.1, so I think it must be me. Any clues? Cheers Guys