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  1. Passing RIB commands

    Got It!... thanks
  2. houdini with 3delight/pixie

    Houdini ships with PRman *slo shaders, these wont work with 3Delight. (im sure you know this already). All you have to do is set the HOUDINI_RI_SHADERPATH to all the places where you have your 3Delight shaders (3delight/shaders). since rmands only works with slo, you will probably have to always use the "RMan shader" sop and type by hand the name of the shader and its parameters. You might be able to create your own dialogs though. If I figure this out I will post a tutorial on how to do it Be carefull about the light shaders you choose, you will only be able to use the shaders that are already compiled by 3delight. (poinlight,spotlight, distantlight,etc) Most of the shaders that shouw up for you to use under the light RIB tab wont work (attenlight,attenshadow,attenshadowspot,etc) unless you compile them for 3Delight first. I dont know how you can get pixie to work. It is still in early development so you might be throwing something it cant handle yet. Good luck Rudy Cortes
  3. Passing RIB commands

    Is there a way to pass specific RIB commands to my RenderMan renderer? Something like MtoR's RIB box would be great, where I can just type in the commands and then declare whether it will be inside the Attribute description of an object, or at frame begin or world begin?. Cheers Rcortes
  4. Help with muli-layered vex shader code

    Thanks so much... I tried doing it with vex builder and then analyze the code. However I wasn't able to get the param (vector 3 ) to work. Instead I used the "shading layer parameter" node.. it is designed exaclty for uv spaces. Thanks a lot. Rcortes
  5. Hello there. I have a question for those vex shader writers out there. Im writting a shader and I need to make it mutli-layered (like the one that ships with houdini). How do I go about implementing that in vex code. my first layer will be applied with a texture ("layer01.tx",s,t); ## . how do I apply the second layer? according to the manuals a layer sop will turn s and t into s2 t2.. do i just use those to index my texture, texture("layer02.tx",s2,t2); ??? your help is greatly appreciated. RCortes
  6. Multy Layered texturing

    Thanks a lot for your reply mark, but as you can see the guys at the sesi forum got to it really quick. What would we do without each other? hehe Well got to run see you arround Rudy
  7. Hi there. Im having a hard time trying to figure this one out, so for the sake of my keyboard (and my forehead) will ask you guys for help. Im trying to use the VEX layered shader and use the separate layers to overlay textures. for example. I want to be able to texture a grid with one image map and then add another texture with an aplha channel ( a decal) on top of the previous texture. I know this must be very easy, but i cant seem to get it done. Thanks for your help Rudy Cortes