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  1. Ice Duckies!

    My first reaction was to marval at the rendering tech. Then I findout it's a photograph.xd Still like it very much.
  2. geophone - experimental animation

    Never thought houdini can do such thing. The voice is so weird that I feel goose bumps all over.
  3. wants to find a bulletin

    Oh,thank you jason! And a little question from here. What is mean about 'from build' and 'to build'?
  4. wants to find a bulletin

    Bad english speaker I am,but I think I (maybe) express myself clearly.
  5. Is there anybody knows where sideFX will post there versions updating details? For example,they delete the node named ‘paint’. Where can I find the page that can visually see all the nodes changes. I already search the documentation:https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/news/18/index.html But I didn't see the paint node changes. If there is any wrong with the post.Please let me know.