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  1. Workflow question: Activating RBD objects over time

    Optional, you can cook ForEach only once to let it compute centroids of your pieces and store them in an attribute. so it will be available in dop object's geometry and this will allow to calculate "activation distance" right in dops. although it is suitable only if there is no animation at sop level
  2. Workflow question: Activating RBD objects over time

    what if fracture geometry is animated (e.g. rotation at geo level). is there any way to transfer proper velocity to newly activated piece?
  3. SPH problem

    Hi! I'm trying to simulate SPH raindrops on a window. Is there any way to exclude the effect of DOP gravity node on certain particles? Even in case when i reset v and accel to zero, they keep to move slowly. Of course i can apply gravity myself, selectively in a POP Solver, but this is not the solution i'm looking for.
  4. this is the thing) Thank you very much, itriix!
  5. thanks. i just can't get some details: 1. op:`opinputpath(".", 1)` - is this the right way to plug geometry in the vop sop's second port? 2. how do they use this "while loop"?
  6. Hi guys How can i get a point attribute (of geometry A) containing distance to the closest point of geometry B? this need to be done in VOP SOP (using nodes, not coding). and how can i then modulate this attribute using a curve or a ramp? to fit it non-lineary in 0 - "cutoff distance" range. Thank you.
  7. Gas advect

    Does anybody know how to advect polygonal geometry (not POPs) with liquid fluid solver and how to restrict this advection by some vector (e.g. use just vertical motion) p.s. sorry for my English