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  1. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    Oh, this comes in really handy. If I understood correctly, I should remove volume contribution from my former lights. The volume will become black so I will have to add new lights to light up the volume and exclude the scene entirely from these so it doesnt add the newer lights. My only questions is: will I have the shadows from the volume casted onto the scene after I excluded it? So, at the end of the day, GI and volumes hate each other. I will end up having 2 sets of lights. One with Gi for the scene and the others without it (max GI trace depth set to 0?) you have been really helpful. Thanx a lot
  2. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    Oh this is really informative I have a backround mesh light (the light coming out of space) with a 50 contribution scale, and a soft lesh shadow on the opposite side (behind the camera at 30 emission) the blue lights across the walls are at 15 and the others are actually low (bolts, scorch and sparks). So yeah. I emitted volumes with mesh lights EVERYWHERE jajaaj. I will have to take a look at the max sub sample intensity to know the math behind of it since I dont know anything about it but overall this is really usefull information I made the meshlights because im the documentation it said it was faster and cleaner with gi than emissives. I didnt know about volumes though. Experience for later works I gues huh jajaaj Edit: the volume is not emissive and every light is a mesh light
  3. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    sry for the late response, OD force doesnt let me upload pictures somehow so I used Imgur; Anyways: Simple (there is noise but "Acceptable") Complex with some noise on the volume: OMG ignore this last picture of coronavirus I seriously cant erase it from the post, I dont know how it got inserted
  4. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    1280x720. It takes 8 min on a simple shot without volumes and 27 minutes on a complex scene with the settings above. Is it wrong?
  5. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    So I followed your and @Howitzer99 (thanks bro) guide and made a render study with different settings. I managed to halve my Min and Max samples 32 and 512 now, I lowered the error thresshold to 0.005 and most importanly I changed the secondary GI to irradiance point cloud. The last improving my render times up to almost 2x faster and it looks even better (I am currently testing this but I think it will be 2x times faster). EDIT: I rendered in 37 minutes (10 min faster) at a lower treshhold and half of the samples but an overall better quality. 20% faster. Ill try with the same threshold and update EDIT 2: 27 minuts (20 min faster) 45% faster
  6. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    Hello, I am testinf different render settings atm. What do you mean by spliting layers?
  7. I am reaching the final stages of a personal project of mine and I was wondering if this render times were okay for the setup I have since I swapped to redshift 3 days ago: 1070 ti 8gb ryzen 9 3900x 32gb ddr4 3200mhz It takes 40 to 50 minutes to render the following (no DOF nor mortion blur): NOTES: The scene consists on bolts and sparks with incandescent material + the emisssive sword, 2 Volumes (you are looking at the smallest one which is around 8million voxels) + 3 mesh lights inside the capsule (bolts, sparks and a scorch on the impact area of the bolt) and 3 others spread around the scene (the Highlighted ones) EDITED: NOT EDITED: These are my settings: In all mesh lights I copied the override sample values because I dont trust it xd and all have 64 bounces for volumes too. I hope more experienced artist can help me out with this one if you find something odd in my project. As always, thank you very much EDIT: No, I wont be using the Optix denoiser and this is how the noise on my scene looks:
  8. Pyro sim Redshift Render Looks Foggy

    You were right. I am glad you answered
  9. Hello again Guys. So recentrly (3 hours ago) I swapped to RS because my Mantra render was taking over 2 hours per frame. I started shading everything and had some problems with the volumes (Which worked in mantra perfectly fine) Scene View IPR with an area RS light with contribution set to .5 (to test) The setup As always, Thank you guys
  10. Pyro sim steppy look

    Thanx, you were right
  11. Pyro sim steppy look

    Hello again guys. So I am trying to do a pyro sim for some pod doors (Some fbx I downloaded) but I find myself with that problem. It is not the first time it happend, It might have something to do with the scale but I dont know. Can you guys take a look? Houdini.rar
  12. fantastic! I watched it all and it is soooo easy. The only thing I should learn is the texture proyection over volumes. I cant wait to make some displacements
  13. How could we achieve something like that? I am genuinly interested on this technique. masking the effect, proyecting the texture, displacing the volume thanks
  14. How to remove points from render

    I was following a tutorial from @librarian (a nice dude) but i stepped on the following problem: the points render and at sop level appear. I have everything exactly the same on my proyect as the tutorial and still they appear on sop so they end up rendering It should look like this: My proyect grilla3.hip Model solu2od.hipnc Thanks a lot
  15. Help with this awsome effect from Michael Rigley

    oh yes jajaja. Such a stalker lol. Yes. It is my instagram. What do you like the most? I am exploring houdin atm and I LOVE it. :3 What is yours? talk to me there